Should we do Seeding on Shopee? Analyzing the pros and cons

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Should we do Seeding on Shopee? Analyzing the pros and cons
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Nowadays, doing business on e-commerce platforms like Shopee has become more popular than ever. Some sellers have chosen to use the practice of seeding to increase the number of reviews and followers, aiming to elevate the status and credibility of their stalls. However, the question arises: Is the implementation of seeding really necessary and effective? Join us in analyzing the following article.

1. What is Seeding?

Seeding is the use of different accounts to buy goods from your shop, thereby creating fake reviews and follower counts for the shop.

2. Pros of Seeding
Increase in purchases and followers

The seeding method helps increase the number of purchases and followers of your shop, enhances the display rate of products on the platform, thereby increasing the revenue for the store.

Building store credibility

Reviews and followers from seeding help build and enhance the credibility of your shop. Buyers often trust and tend to buy from shops with a good number of followers and reviews.

3. Cons of Seeding
Risk of violating Shopee's policy

Seeding is not a legitimate method. It can violate Shopee's policy, and those shops caught using this method may have their accounts suspended.

Risk of misleading customers

Although seeding can help increase reviews and followers, if the number of reviews does not match the actual quality of the products, it can lead to misinterpretation by customers, affecting the long-term credibility of the shop.

4. Conclusion

The answer to the question "Should you do Seeding on Shopee?" lies entirely with you. Although this method has several advantages, it also has quite a few cons that you need to consider carefully. If you still decide to choose this method to sharpen the status and credibility of your shop, please refer to the article "Guide to Safe and Effective Seeding on Shopee" to mitigate potential risks to your store.

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