Master E-commerce Jun 2023


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Master E-commerce Jun 2023

The secrets to dominating the e-commerce market.

Introduction to the course?

Welcome to the "Master E-commerce" an immersive learning experience designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic world of online marketplaces. 

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, this comprehensive course will guide you through the intricacies of various e-commerce marketplaces, including Shopee, Amazon, eBay, and more. From setting up your store and optimizing product listings to implementing effective marketing strategies and expanding your customer base, our expert instructors will provide you with invaluable insights and proven techniques to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

Get ready to unlock your potential, maximize your sales, and become a master of e-commerce marketplaces with the "Master E-commerce".

Course content

1. Building a Standard Store on Marketplace
Learn how to optimize your Shopee store and product listings for success. Master the art of SEO-friendly store and product naming, avoid common titling mistakes, write comprehensive product descriptions that convert, optimize images and videos for maximum impact, and effectively use hashtags to reach a wider audience. Elevate your store's visibility and attract more customers with this unit's valuable insights and strategies.

2. Establishing Product Advantages on Marketplace
Gain a competitive edge for your products on Shopee. Analyze the Vietnamese e-commerce market, study competitors, and implement effective seeding techniques. Learn safe and compliant practices to promote your products. Discover strategies for attracting traffic to your long-standing products, ensuring continuous visibility and sales growth. Master the art of standing out in the crowded marketplace and maximizing your product's potential on Shopee.

3. Customer Care and Establishing Off-Platform Sales Channels
Learn the essential elements of exceptional customer care on Shopee, including the standards for customer service and optimizing chat response rates. Discover strategies for building an efficient off-platform customer service system and leveraging it to create additional sales channels. Elevate your customer service game and expand your reach beyond the Shopee platform to provide outstanding support and drive sales growth.

4. Marketing Tools
Discover the power of Shopee's marketing tools in this unit. Utilize Shopee's Program Tool and My Program Tool to launch effective promotional campaigns. Attract customers with the Shop's Discount Code Tool, Combo Promotion Tool, and Bundle Deals Tool. Drive sales and create urgency with the Shop's Flash Sales Tool. Engage and reward your followers with the Follower Exclusive Tool. Finally, highlight your top products with the Top Featured Products Tool. Unlock the full potential of Shopee's marketing tools to boost your store's visibility and drive conversions.

5. Live
Learn how to harness the power of live streaming on Shopee. Build a professional live streaming room to engage your audience effectively. Choose the right equipment for high-quality live streams. Discover captivating scenarios to captivate viewers and maximize sales. Additionally, set up a 24/7 automated live streaming system to reach customers at any time. Master the art of Shopee Live and leverage its potential to boost your brand, connect with customers, and increase conversions.

6. Marketplace Search Advertising
Get a deep understanding of Shopee's search advertising in this unit. Learn the basic concepts behind search advertising and how it works on the platform. Build a strategic keyword set to target relevant customers effectively. Explore bidding strategies to maximize your advertising budget and optimize bidding for better results. Finally, gain insights into reading and analyzing advertising results to make data-driven decisions and refine your advertising campaigns. Master Shopee's search advertising tools to drive targeted traffic and increase visibility for your products.

7. Marketplace Discovery Advertising
Discover the world of Shopee Discovery Advertising in this unit. Learn the basic concepts behind discovery advertising and how it can boost your product visibility. Explore effective bidding strategies to optimize your advertising budget and achieve maximum impact. Discover techniques for optimizing bidding to improve your ad performance and reach the right audience. Finally, gain valuable insights into reading and analyzing advertising results to refine your campaigns and drive better results. Master Shopee's discovery advertising tools and unlock new opportunities to promote your products and reach a wider customer base.

8. Genuine Store
Unlock the advantages of Shopee Mall in this unit. Explore the benefits of being a part of Shopee Mall, including increased trust and visibility. Discover popular Shopee Mall models that have proven successful. Gain insights into the construction process of setting up a Shopee Mall store. Finally, analyze the potential for developing a Shopee Mall presence for your shop through a practical exercise. Maximize your shop's potential by harnessing the power of Shopee Mall and tapping into a larger customer base.

9. Facebook Collaboration Advertising with Shopee (CPAS)
Master CPAS fundamentals and benefits. Register and run CPAS campaigns on Shopee. Prepare resources for seamless ads. Create captivating Carousel and Collection ads. Measure effectiveness with UTM parameters. Optimize CPAS campaigns for maximum results. Harness Facebook and Shopee's potential through CPAS.

10. Google Shopping Ads with Shopee (GAS)
Unleash Google Shopping Ads potential with Shopee. Master GAS concepts, registration, and running campaigns. Optimize resources and create effective ads in GAS and PMAX formats. Measure ad effectiveness using UTM parameters. Maximize performance and achieve advertising goals through optimization. Harness Google and Shopee synergy with GAS to expand reach and drive conversions.


Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Monday, June 26, 2023
Start - 7:40 PM (Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh)
Friday, June 30, 2023
End - 8:00 PM (Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh)

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