E-commerce Store Operation

We specialize in utilizing marketplace tools to generate high-quality leads, constantly refreshing content to engage your audience and create buzz around your brand. Furthermore, we leverage data-driven strategies to enhance conversions and drive better results for your business.

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​​Management of Accounts, Campaigns, and Merchandise

We analyze promotional strategies, pricing, and product lines to effectively convert potential customers into paying customers.

Management of Account & Businesses

Lameco's specialized teams are committed to providing tailored consultations and formulating brand-specific account strategies. Our interconnected departments work closely together to execute essential initiatives effectively. Moreover, we take charge of overseeing the account's profit and loss dynamics, ensuring the attainment of revenue objectives while optimizing expenditure.

Planning for Assortments and Promotions

We approach involves the careful curation and refinement of our product assortment, guided by meticulous demand projections and operational efficiency analysis. Additionally, we employ a dynamic pricing strategy and employ innovative promotional tactics to maintain a strong competitive edge within the market.

Setting Up & Optimizing Advertising

By aligning data-driven insights with industry best practices, we tailor bespoke strategies to elevate your brand's online presence, drive traffic, and maximize conversion rates. Experience the power of precision and elevate your business success with our comprehensive E-commerce Advertising Optimization solutions.

Store Merchandising & Promotion Setup

Our proficiency centers around tailoring assortments to specific needs, creating visibility maps, and establishing versatile and ever-evolving promotional structures.

Onboarding & Operating Your Store

Through Lameco's streamlined operational procedures, we guarantee the swift and punctual establishment of your online store.

Planning & Managing Campaigns

Lameco deploy strategies aimed at boosting online revenue and enhancing the long-term value of customers.

Seller Pain Points and Problems

At Lameco, we comprehend the challenges faced by sellers and have already devised solutions to address them.

Market Research & Planning

Lack of capacity to conduct market analysis and formulate strategic business plans.

E-Commerce Store Decoration

E-commerce storefronts exhibiting modest design elements often fail to captivate customers, resulting in diminished CTR due to their lack of visual impact.

Customer Retention

The customer visiting the store is limited, accompanied by a low conversion rate and a high exit rate. The challenge lies in identifying effective approaches to engage and retain potential buyers during their store visits.

In-platform Advertising

The advertising campaigns have yet to demonstrate substantial efficacy, resulting in a suboptimal Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Challenges are encountered in the endeavor to amplify revenue generation through the advertising campaigns.

Data Analytics

Sellers lack the capacity to synthesize, comprehend, and analyze the data of their stores, resulting in challenges to formulate new actions and strategies for their businesses.

3rd Party Verified

Emerging businesses often lack the necessary budget and resources to experiment and validate third-party partners offering services and solutions related to online sales.

Our Pricing


$ 200.00

/ 2hour
  • Ecommerce Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Operation Strategy
  • Detail P&L
  • *Minimum 2 hours
  • -/-
  • -/-

LMC Plus

$ 5500.00

 + 4% Commission
  • 01 Year
  • Market Research & Consulting
  • Develop Detailed Plan
  • Store Initialization
  • Store Operation
  • -/-
  • -/-


$ 20000.00

+ 8% Commission
  • 02 Year
  • Market Research & Consulting
  • Develop Detailed Plan
  • Store Initialization
  • Store Operation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Logistics & Fulfillment

Consultation & Cooperation Process


Initial Engagement and Understanding

Assessment and Customization

Strategy Presentation and Consultation

Proposal and Contract

Onboarding and Kickoff

Case study

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Partnerships with Marketplace Platforms

We assist you in harnessing the untapped growth opportunities offered by the top marketplace platforms.

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