Guide to Safe and Effective Seeding on Shopee

Secrets to Success in the Digital Age
1 February, 2024 by
Guide to Safe and Effective Seeding on Shopee
Lameco JSC

The digital era has made the world of e-commerce more vibrant than ever. In this context, a crucial factor that can make your store successful and grow robustly is establishing credibility and trust among consumers. The best way to do this is through seeding - an effective marketing strategy that attracts customers and enhances your store's reputation.

To safely and effectively seed on Shopee, here are some secrets to help you achieve your goals.

1. Take Advantage of Personal Relationships

A good way to start seeding is by leveraging your personal relationships. Invite your friends and relatives to place orders and leave positive reviews on your store. This not only improves the buying volume but also reinforces your store's credibility. 

Note: to avoid IP address duplication, make sure you don't share the same network with your shop and encourage them to use 4G when placing orders. This will minimize the risk of being penalized by Shopee.

2. Increase the Number of Store Followers

Besides boosting the seeding volume, increasing the number of followers on your store is also a smart strategy. This makes your store more attractive to potential customers and enhances its credibility.

3. Use Familiar Customer Accounts

Accounts that have made purchases on Shopee multiple times from various stores are more valued in terms of trustworthiness than new accounts. This is a smart way for you to increase seeding volume and increase customer response safely.

4. Scientifically Time Seeding

Divide your seeding time in a scientific manner to ensure the best performance. Carry out steady seeding throughout the month and ensure an even distribution of seeding activities between days in the week. This helps to avoid sudden, concentrated seeding and reduce risks of potential penalties.

5. Buy Many Products at Once

Encourage purchases of multiple products at once to save on shipping costs and garner more reviews from one account.

6. Avoid Large Quantities for a Single Product

Place orders in moderate quantities - recommended below 10 units for each product. This prevents Shopee from suspecting fraudulent actions and creates better trust among customers.

7. Build Relationships within the Community

Join Facebook seeding groups and build relationships by engaging in cross-seeding. This helps improve seeding effectiveness and foster good relationships within the community.

8. Do Not Use Discount Codes for Seeding Accounts

Using discount codes when seeding could lead to a risk of sellers being penalized by Shopee for voucher abuse. Therefore, try to avoid this to sidestep unnecessary risks.

9. Authentically Package the Products

During the seeding process, ensure that the goods are packaged authentically - just like how you would package a product when selling to a customer. Packaging and labeling need to be accurate, even when shipping for seeding only. If you are not sending actual products, be mindful that the package weight should be equivalent to the actual weight of the product.

10. Leave Honest Product Reviews

If you want genuine product reviews, send a real product. The reviews should include videos, beautiful images, and in-depth text, highlighting the advantages and points for improvement of the product.

11. Price Appropriately When Seeding

When seeding, ensure the prices reflect the quality and are appropriate for the industry you are in. This not only makes your products more appealing but also avoids misleading buyers.

Finally, don't hesitate to apply these tips to your selling process and share them with the seller community. Sure enough, your Shopee store will grow remarkably. Join us in building a healthy and sustainable e-commerce community!

Please reach out to us if you need expert assistance to optimize your Shopee store more effectively.

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