Shopee's New Ads Interface Update: What Sellers Need to Know

7 March, 2024 by
Shopee's New Ads Interface Update: What Sellers Need to Know
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If you're a seller on the Shopee platform, you might have noticed a significant change in their advertising interface. This new update will directly impact how you create and manage advertisements on Shopee. In this article, we will summarize the main changes and provide you with an overview of Shopee's new advertising interface.

Overview of Shopee's New Advertising Interface

Shopee's new advertising interface is designed to offer a more intimate and straightforward experience for sellers when setting up ads. The primary goal is to help sellers efficiently promote their brands and boost their sales.

Some highlights of the new features include:

  • A more user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Integration of all advertising positions in one place: product ads.
  • Launch of advanced targeting features.
  • Allows for ROAS (return on advertising spend) target setting.
  • And many other features.
Key Benefits of the New Interface
  1. Superior Vision and Perception: The new interface is designed to improve user experience, making it easier for you to manage and optimize advertisements.
  2. Set ROAS Goals to Achieve Advertising Objectives: This new feature allows you to set ROAS targets, helping to optimize ad distribution capabilities and achieve higher efficiency.
  3. Optimize Target Audience: With the simplified target buyer's setting, you can easily reach the right potential customers.
  4. Easy Ad Creation: The ad creation process has been streamlined, saving you time and effort.
  5. Increase Traffic to Shop and Products: Ultimately, the primary goal of the interface upgrade is to help you attract more traffic to your shop and products.
Key Changes in the New Interface
1. New Product Ad Structure

Previously, Search Ads and Discovery Ads were two separate types of advertisements. Now, they have been integrated into a new Product Ad, allowing you to advertise in multiple positions with a single campaign.

Shop Search Ads will become an independent ad type called Shop Ads. Shop Ads will appear in more advertising positions (At the top of the search results page and on the Shopee Farm page). This will bring more traffic to your Shop.

2. Enhanced Advertising Management
  • Target Audience: You can easily and efficiently set target buyers.
  • Upgraded ROAS Goals: Optimize your ad distribution capabilities by setting ROAS targets.
3. Simplification of Advertising Budget Settings

Post-upgrade, Total Budget will no longer be available. The system only supports two options: Daily Budget and No Limit.

4. Display ROAS Index on the Advertising Overview Page

The ROAS index will be displayed directly on the Advertising Overview page, making it easier for you to analyze your ad performance.

5. Permanently Delete Unused Advertisements

You can easily manage ad campaigns by permanently deleting unused ads.

6. Create All Ads on One Page

With the new interface, you can set up all Search and Discovery ads on a single page, making it much more convenient.

When Will This Change Be Applied?

The new Shopee Ads interface will be applied to all sellers on this platform. However, the transition will be carried out in small batches to ensure continuity and avoid impacting sellers' business operations.

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