Increase Your Shopee Advertising Budget After the Tet Holiday to Grow Your Sales and ROI

21 February, 2024 by
Increase Your Shopee Advertising Budget After the Tet Holiday to Grow Your Sales and ROI
Lameco JSC

The Tet holiday is an incredibly lucrative time for e-commerce in Vietnam. However, the two weeks directly after Tet can see a significant drop-off in sales. Don't despair! With some smart moves, you can quickly rebound.

The key is strategically increasing your Shopee advertising budget.

At our e-commerce agency Lameco, we've helped hundreds of sellers successfully navigate these volatile weeks. Follow our 5-step plan to grow your sales and ROI even in the Tet holiday's aftermath. You'll be thriving again in no time.

Step 1: Review Your Past Tet Performance

First, dive into your sales reports from last year's Tet holiday period.

  • What were your best-selling products?
  • When did you see peaks and declines in sales?
  • How did your ROI fluctuate?

This data provides crucial insights into upcoming trends. Use it to predict challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

For example, you may see sales historically drop off around February 10th. Now you can prepare for this lull.

Step 2: Plan Your Promotions Calendar

Next, map out an entire month of Shopee promotions post-Tet.


  • Flash deals to revive sales.
  • Vouchers to encourage larger order values.
  • Free shipping to capture interest.

Time these promotions around periods that saw declines last year. This fills in revenue gaps.

You can also align promotions with:

  • Paydays (1st and 15th of the month).
  • Big shopping days (Friday - Sunday).
Step 3: Expand Your Target Audiences

Diversify your potential customer base for stability.

Widen location and demographic targeting in your Shopee ads. Test which new segments respond best.

For example, target working professionals returning after the holiday. Or those in different cities.

Step 4: Increase Your Daily Ad Spend

Here's the big step.

Analyze your historical Shopee advertising costs and revenue. Determine a daily ad spend that:

  • Maximizes your ROI.
  • Is sustainable long-term.

Gradually increase your daily budget in the weeks after Tet. Closely monitor performance.

Aim to spend 20-50% more than your current daily average. Assess if this expanded budget drives more sales and revenue.

Be ready to adjust if needed.

Step 5: Review and Optimize

Check your Shopee ads every 2-3 days post-Tet.

See what's working and what's not. Shift budget to better-performing campaigns.

Also re-target engaged users with specific promotions to convert them.

By actively optimizing, you'll regain momentum fast.

Take Control of the Weeks Post-Tet

Don't let your Shopee store stagnate after the Tet rush. Follow this game plan to proactively grow your sales, revenue and ROI.

With expanded budgets and audience targeting, smart promotions, and constant optimization, your e-commerce business will be thriving again in no time.

Let our e-commerce experts at Lameco help build your post-Tet comeback strategy. Get in touch today to set your store up for lasting success.

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