5 Tips to create irresistible product combos for your e-commerce store

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5 Tips to create irresistible product combos for your e-commerce store
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Hey sellers! Do you want to increase sales and get customers to spend more on your online store? Offering product combos is a smart way to do it!

Product combos allow you to sell more products together at a discounted price. This tempts customers to buy extra items and spend more.

Creating good combos isn’t difficult. Just follow these 5 awesome tips:

1. Pick complementary products

First, choose products that naturally go well together. For example:

  • Shampoo + Conditioner.
  • Burger + Fries + Drink.
  • Phone case + Screen protector.

Complementary products are easy for customers to purchase together. They already use and need these items, so offering them as a bundle is attractive.

Pro Tip: Check your sales data to see which products customers frequently buy together. Combine them into a bundle!

2. Include your bestsellers

Next, add your top-selling items into combos. Popular products will entice customers to buy the bundle.

For example, a makeup combo with your best-selling lipstick will sell better than one with a less popular item.

Highlight your star products to boost combo sales!

3. Offer tiered combos

Now, create combos at different price points. Offer:

  • Good combo - with 2-3 basic products.
  • Better combo - with 4-5 popular products.
  • Best combo - with 6-8 premium products + free gift.

This gives customers options at different budgets. The more expensive bundles seem extra tempting too.

Many will upgrade to get the free gift or try premium items.

4. Discount combos smartly

When pricing combos, give an attractive discount - but don't lose money!

Aim for 15-25% off when buying the bundle compared to individual items.

Calculate carefully:

  • Combo Price < Total Price of Individual Items.
  • Combo Profit > Cost of Goods Sold.

An ideal discount makes combos feel like a steal. But you still profit on each set sold.

5. Describe combos clearly

Lastly, explain your combos properly so customers understand the offering.

Include details like:

  • Number of items included.
  • Full list of products in the combo.
  • Original total price vs. discounted bundle price.
  • Percentage savings.

Spell out the combo value so shoppers recognize they're getting an awesome deal!

Product combos are a proven way for ecommerce sellers to increase sales. Offer bundles of complementary and popular items at a discounted price. Create tiers at different price points and savings levels. Describe the value clearly so customers recognize the deal. Well-designed combos excite shoppers to spend more. Experiment to see which perform best, then refine them over time. Following these tips will help you create irresistible offers. Offering the right bundles can significantly boost revenue, so try this growth tactic today!

At Lameco, our e-commerce experts can provide end-to-end solutions to help you start and grow a successful e-commerce business. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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