Welcome Back After Tet Promotion Ideas for E-Commerce Sellers

20 February, 2024 by
Welcome Back After Tet Promotion Ideas for E-Commerce Sellers
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The Tet holiday is over and it's time to welcome customers back to your online store! Running a promotion is a great way to bring shoppers back, clear out inventory, and kickstart sales for the new year. Here are 5 awesome welcome back promotion ideas for e-commerce sellers.

1. Offer Free Shipping

We all love free shipping right? Offer free delivery on all orders for the first week after Tet. This will get customers excited to shop again. Just make sure to promote your free shipping loud and clear on your store homepage, product pages, and emails.

2. Hand Out Discount Coupons

Discount coupons make customers feel like they're getting an amazing deal. Create 10-20% off coupons and give them away on your social media channels. Or send coupon codes directly to your email subscriber list. You can set up automatic discounts in your e-commerce store so customers just need to enter the promo code at checkout.

3. Run a Flash Sale

Flash sales create a fear of missing out which really drives conversions. Pick 5-10 of your best-selling items and deeply discount them for 24-48 hours. Let your followers know the sale is coming through email and social media teasers. Limit the quantity so it feels exclusive.

4. Offer Free Gifts and Samples

We all love freebies! Offer a small free gift like a phone stand or earbuds on orders over a minimum amount. Or give away free samples of your products so customers can try before they buy. The perceived extra value from free gifts and samples helps turn shoppers into paying customers.

5. Bundle Discounted Products

Come up with discounted product bundles to boost average order value. Group 3-5 complementary products together at a reduced bundled price. This encourages customers to spend more and makes the deal feel like a steal.

No matter which promotion you choose, announce it loudly across your store, emails, and social channels. Clearly communicate the limited time offer and sense of urgency. After Tet is the perfect time to bring customers back with creative promotions that add value. Welcome them back with open arms!

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