Optimizing customer experience on e-Commerce platforms during Tet 2024

5 February, 2024 by
Optimizing customer experience on e-Commerce platforms during Tet 2024
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Are you looking to make your e-commerce store stand out and boost sales during Tet 2024? As experts in e-commerce growth and strategy, we at Lameco have some awesome tips to help you optimize your customers' shopping experience during this festive time. Tet is an amazing opportunity for shops on e-commerce platforms to shine, but with so much competition, you need an edge to succeed.

In this post, we'll share 5 simple yet powerful ways to delight your customers and maximize sales during Tet 2024. Whether you sell fashion, cosmetics, food or any other product, these tips will help you prepare for the busiest shopping season in Vietnam!

Create Festive Store Designs

A fun, festive look is a must during Tet. Use red, yellow and pink colors, firecracker graphics, flower motifs and other symbols of luck and prosperity. Make sure your store logo, banners, product images and everything visually convey the celebratory Tet vibe. It makes customers excited to shop and buy gifts for loved ones.

We recommend launching a special Tet collection of your bestselling items with auspicious twists. Give products like cosmetics kits, clothing, fashion accessories and foods gift pack editions with beautiful Tet-themed packaging.

Run Engaging Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves contests and discounts! Offer prizes like free products, e-vouchers and bundle deals to entice shoppers during the Tet rush. Ask fun questions or set simple participation rules.

For example, you can run contests like:

  • Guess the number of words in our Tet greeting to win a prize
  • Buy an outfit from our Tet collection to enter a voucher giveaway
  • Share your Tet celebration selfie for a chance to win gifts
Provide Festive Gifting Options

Tet is a time for giving presents to family, friends and colleagues. Make gift purchases easy and appealing. Offer enticing Tet gift sets and hampers of your products. Allow personalized gift messages and festive gift wrapping.

Provide guidance for gifts based on relationship - options for parents, spouses, grandparents, children etc. Share gift recommendations by gender and interest. Offer express shipping to ensure timely delivery.

Optimize Operations to Handle Demand

E-commerce activity surges during Tet. Put measures in place to handle the spike in traffic and orders. Some tips:

  • Get extra staffing for customer service, order processing and delivery
  • Expand working hours and delivery slots
  • Fine-tune automated order handling to smooth workflows
  • Offer order scheduling so customers can book delivery dates
  • Activate backup resources to avoid out-of-stocks
Roll Out Tet Promotions

Tet is prime time for promotions to attract customers! Run exciting deals like:

  • Bundle offers - cosmetics kits, hampers, combo deals
  • Free gift with purchase - gift item on min spend
  • Tiered discounts - 15%, 20%, 25% off on purchase values
  • BOGO deals - buy-one-get-one free
  • Free shipping - waive delivery charges

Refresh promos frequently to keep customers engaged. Time sales to coincide with payment days and Tet season purchasing trends.


With these 5 tips - festive store designs, contests, gifting options, operations optimization and promotions, you're all set to delight customers and seize the Tet 2024 shopping opportunity!

The tips may seem simple, but properly executed, they make a tremendous difference. Partner with Lameco, experts in e-commerce growth strategy, to implement them flawlessly. Our holistic solutions combine marketing, operations, data and technology to boost your Tet sales and brand presence.

Want to make 2024 your best Tet selling season ever? Get in touch to discuss your e-commerce goals. Let's craft a winning Tet strategy together. Here's wishing you good health, prosperity and huge success this Lunar New Year!

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