7 Simple tips to grown up your Voucher Campaigns for Tet 2024

2 February, 2024 by
7 Simple tips to grown up your Voucher Campaigns for Tet 2024
Lameco JSC

It's that time of year again - Tet is fast approaching and e-commerce merchants are gearing up for the biggest sales period of the year. With the Year of the Dragon 2024 promising luck and good fortune, smart sellers are looking for ways to maximize sales and profits.

One of the most effective strategies is running promotional voucher and discount campaigns. But not all voucher campaigns are created equal. You need to plan and execute them properly to get results. Here are 7 awesome tips from Lameco to help you take your Tet voucher campaigns to the next level:

1. Start Early and Offer Teaser Discounts

Don't wait until the last minute. Launch your voucher campaigns at least 2 weeks before Tet. Get buyers excited by offering special teaser discounts - for example, 5-10% off select products or categories. This builds anticipation and incites early purchases.

2. Tier Your Discounts Strategically

Structure your vouchers in tiers based on discount percentages. Offer higher discounts on lower-priced items to encourage volume purchases. Reserve your biggest discounts for high-value products to drive up your average order value (AOV).

3. Bundle Products for Added Value

Create enticing product bundles and package deals. Offer 15-20% off when customers buy 3 related products. This boosts cart size and order values. Make sure bundles make logical sense to buyers.

4. Gamify with Spin-the-Wheel

Make it fun for customers! Add gamification elements like a Spin-the-Wheel with mystery prizes. Prizes can include discount vouchers, free gifts and free shipping. This engages customers and promotes virality.

5. Limit Redemptions to Boost Urgency

Scarcity creates urgency to redeem vouchers. Impose limits like "First 100 redemptions" or "Limited to the first 500 customers". Countdown timers also work. But don't make limits too low or you lose out on sales.

6. Reward Loyal Customers

Offer exclusive deals to your VIPs and loyal customers. Give them 20% off vouchers or early access to new arrivals. This makes them feel valued and keeps them coming back. Send personalized voucher codes directly to them.

7. Analyze and Optimize

Track performance diligently. Figure out which discounts, products and bundles are selling best. Double down on the winners. Tweak or eliminate poor performers. Keep optimizing to maximize sales and ROI.

The Year of the Dragon brings tremendous opportunities for enterprising sellers like you. Follow these tips to take your Tet voucher campaigns to the next level. Reach out to Lameco for more advice on promotional strategies tailored for your business. Here's wishing you a prosperous Tet 2024!

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