3 Barriers That Make Traditional Retail Businesses Hesitant to Embrace Digital Transformation

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3 Barriers That Make Traditional Retail Businesses Hesitant to Embrace Digital Transformation
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In today's era of Industry 4.0, digital transformation is no longer a choice but a MANDATORY FACTOR for traditional retail businesses to survive and grow. However, despite the substantial benefits, many businesses are still hesitant about making this "transformation." The article below will analyze the three main barriers that make businesses hesitant about digital transformation and propose solutions to help them overcome these obstacles.

1. Concerns About Initial Investment Costs

Digital transformation requires a considerable investment for:

  • Upgrading IT systems: Including sales management software, online payment systems, websites/mobile applications, etc.
  • Employee training: Enhancing capabilities in using technology, online marketing skills, customer care on digital platforms, etc.
  • Marketing and promotion: Attracting new customers through online channels.

Issue: For small and medium-sized enterprises with limited capital, covering a large investment can be daunting. Additionally, evaluating the return on investment in digital transformation is a complex problem.


  • Choose solutions that fit the scale: Instead of spreading investments thinly, businesses should select solutions that match their financial capacity and actual needs.
  • Prioritize "all-in-one" solutions: To help businesses save costs and simplify management.
  • Leverage support programs: From the government or organizations that assist businesses.

2. Lack of Competent Personnel


  • Finding tech-savvy personnel: Is a significant challenge for traditional retail businesses, especially in provincial areas.
  • Difficulties in training and changing mindsets: For current employees to adapt to the new working environment.


  • Collaborate with digital transformation solution providers: To support training and technology transfer.
  • Develop policies to attract talent: With attractive salaries and dynamic working environments.
  • Encourage self-learning: By providing online courses, materials, etc., for employees.

3. Resistance to Change

Issue: Many business owners are accustomed to traditional business methods and are concerned that changes could disrupt operations and pose many risks.


  • Raise awareness: By participating in seminars and discussions about digital transformation to update trends and share experiences.
  • Implement digital transformation step by step: Starting with small, easy-to-implement changes, then gradually increasing the level.
  • Choose a reputable partner: To support and advise throughout the digital transformation process.

Lameco - Accompanying Retail Businesses to Overcome Digital Transformation Barriers

With many years of experience providing digital transformation solutions for retail businesses, Lameco confidently serves as a reliable partner, helping businesses:

  • Consult comprehensive digital transformation solutions: Suitable for the specifics, scale, and resources of each business.
  • Provide optimal technology solutions: Helping businesses manage multi-channel sales, automate marketing, enhance customer experience, etc.
  • Offer dedicated training and support: Ensuring businesses master the technology and operate effectively.

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