Lameco Helps Zo Skin Rectify Rampant Sales on E-commerce Platforms

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Lameco Helps Zo Skin Rectify Rampant Sales on E-commerce Platforms
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Zo Skin, a renowned luxury skincare brand known for its professional skincare products, faced a major challenge when their products were being sold widely across unauthorized e-commerce platforms in Vietnam. This severely affected Zo Skin's brand reputation and revenue.

Lameco Agency, with its professional seller management solution, was trusted by Zo Skin to tackle this issue.

Before Partnering with Lameco:

  • Zo Skin faced rampant unauthorized sales of their products on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, etc.
  • These sales activities violated Zo Skin's distribution policies, damaging the brand's reputation and revenue.
  • Zo Skin had difficulty controlling and addressing the violations.

Lameco's Solution: Lameco implemented a series of effective solutions to help Zo Skin rectify their sales activities on e-commerce platforms:

  • Consulting and Perfecting Distribution Policies: Lameco assisted Zo Skin in clarifying and completing the terms of official distribution channels of HOANG HUY COSMETICS CO., LTD - Zo Skin's exclusive distributor in Vietnam.
  • Handling Violations: On behalf of Zo Skin, Lameco directly worked with violating e-commerce stores, demanding the removal of Zo Skin products from their listings.
  • Collaborating with E-commerce Platforms: Lameco closely coordinated with e-commerce platforms like TikTok Shop to establish effective violation handling processes and limit unauthorized distribution of Zo Skin products.

Market data about the "Zo Skin" brand in the period March 24 - Provided by

Results: After just three months of collaboration with Lameco, Zo Skin achieved impressive results:

  • 98% Drop in Revenue on TikTok Shop: Revenue from Zo Skin products on TikTok Shop in June 2024 was only 12,535,000 VND, a 98% decrease compared to March 2024.
  • 85% Reduction in Violating Stores: The number of stores selling unauthorized Zo Skin products on e-commerce platforms decreased by 85%.
  • Protected Brand Reputation: Tight control over sales activities helped protect Zo Skin's brand reputation and customer trust.

Market data on the "Zo Skin" brand for the period June 24 - Provided by

​Benefits Lameco Brought to Zo Skin:

  • Effectively Addressing Rampant Sales: Lameco helped Zo Skin eliminate unauthorized sales on e-commerce platforms, protecting the brand and revenue.
  • Saving Time and Effort: Zo Skin did not need to spend time and effort monitoring and handling violations themselves.
  • Peace of Mind in Business Development: With Lameco's support, Zo Skin could focus on business development and enhancing product quality.


Zo Skin’s success story is a testament to the effectiveness of the seller management services provided by Lameco. Lameco is committed to offering comprehensive solutions for managing sales activities on e-commerce platforms, helping brands protect their reputation, increase revenue, and achieve sustainable growth.

Additionally, Lameco offers other services such as:
  • Product Review Management: Helping businesses monitor and manage product reviews on e-commerce platforms.
  • Advertisement Management: Assisting businesses in creating and managing effective ad campaigns on e-commerce platforms.
  • Data Analysis: Providing businesses with detailed data on e-commerce sales activities to help them make informed business decisions.
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