Driving Rapid Growth for Fashion Retailer Anmy.Official: A Lameco Success Story

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Driving Rapid Growth for Fashion Retailer Anmy.Official: A Lameco Success Story
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Anmy.official is an ecommerce fashion retailer selling trendy women's clothing to 16-32 year olds in Vietnam. Despite efforts to boost revenue, rising costs and inefficient marketing hindered growth. After partnering with Lameco, a leading ecommerce solutions agency, Anmy.official increased revenue 195% within 2 months.

The Challenge:

Before working with Lameco, Ammy struggled to:

  • Increase revenue due to rising operating costs.
  • Optimize ads to effectively reach their target demographic.
  • Meet platform standards for product listings
  • Create a structured growth strategy and plan.

Without ecommerce expertise, scaling efficiently was extremely difficult for the young fashion brand.

Ammy ROI before

The Lameco Solution:

Lameco implemented a customized 12-month ecommerce management and optimization initiative that focused on:

  • Optimizing ad campaigns to maximize ROI.
  • Ensuring product listings met platform standards.
  • Providing a data-driven growth strategy and roadmap.
  • Ongoing optimization of store performance.

With Lameco’s strategic guidance, Anmy.official was ready to capitalize on Vietnam's fast-growing ecommerce market.

Achieving 195% Revenue Growth:

Within just 2 months of partnering with Lameco, Anmy.official achieved remarkable results:

  • 195% revenue growth, from 215.000.000 VND to 420.000.000 VND.
  • Maximized ROI from marketing spend.
  • Consistent ad cost-to-revenue ratio.
  • Top-selling products across women’s fashion.
  • Fully optimized product listings.

Anmy.official is on pace to hit 800.000.000 VND in monthly revenue for the upcoming Tet holiday shopping season.
Store URL: https://shopee.vn/anmy.official

Ammy ROI after


By leveraging Lameco’s expertise, Anmy.official was able to rapidly increase revenue 195% in 2 months. Lameco empowered the young brand to efficiently acquire and convert high-value fashion consumers in Vietnam. This success story demonstrates Lameco’s proven ability to drive transformative growth for ecommerce businesses.

See more details about the service package that Lameco has accompanied with Anmy.official store: https://lameco.vn/store-operation.

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