Lameco Continues to be Recognized as a Premium Enabler by Shopee in Q1 - 2024

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Lameco Continues to be Recognized as a Premium Enabler by Shopee in Q1 - 2024
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As e-commerce continues to grow vigorously, becoming a "Premium Enabler" represents not just a solid step forward but also a testament to dedication and outstanding performance in business operations. Lameco, with its professional and dedicated approach to work, has once again affirmed its position by being recognized as a "Premium Enabler" by Shopee in Q1 - 2024.

What are Shopee Certified Enablers?

"Shopee Certified Enablers" is a program designed to honor the most excellent service providers on Shopee. Shopee ranks these providers based on a points system that reflects the efficiency of operations and shop development for partners with sellers or brands on Shopee. High-ranking partners demonstrate their ability to help sellers succeed in doing business on Shopee.

The Titles within the Shopee Certified Enablers Program

The "Shopee Certified Enablers" program categorizes partners into the following titles:

  • Premium: Excellence and effectiveness in the operation and development of a shop.
  • Certified: Standard operation performance.
  • Not Certified: Not meeting the standards.
  • Below Expectation: Poor operation, not meeting expectations.

Lameco Continues as a Strategic Partner Recognized by Shopee as a Premium Enabler

In Q1 of 2024, Lameco continues to assert its position as a strategic partner of Shopee by being recognized as a "Premium Enabler". This success is the outcome of relentless dedication and the commitment of the Lameco team to provide the best services to customers. Lameco has supported clients with various solutions, including:

  • Shop operation and development.
  • Product optimization.
  • Marketing/advertising campaign optimization.
  • Consultation and implementation of customer care services.
  • Competitor research.
  • Comprehensive e-commerce development.

With the support and partnership of Lameco, thousands of Vietnamese sellers have been making strides in conquering the world of e-commerce.


Lameco is not only a reliable partner of Shopee but also a trusted companion for thousands of sellers on their business development journey. With the latest "Premium Enabler" title in Q1 - 2024, Lameco continues to affirm its position and commitment to bringing value and success to sellers on Shopee.

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