What is B2B? Everything You Need to Know About B2B E-Commerce

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What is B2B? Everything You Need to Know About B2B E-Commerce
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Have you ever heard of the term B2B but haven't known what it means? B2B or Business-to-Business is a commercial term used to describe commercial transactions between two businesses. In this article, we will explore what B2B is and its operating principles.

What is B2B?

B2B, an abbreviation for Business-to-Business, is a business model in which businesses conduct commercial transactions with each other. Typically, these are transactions between a manufacturer and a distributor, or between a distributor and a retailer.

Why is B2B important?

B2B is not simply about selling products from one company to another. For many businesses, creating a healthy and efficient B2B environment is an essential part of their overall business strategy. B2B lays the foundation for global trade transactions, creates opportunities for businesses to expand their market, strengthens product and service turnarounds, and enhances competitiveness.

Principles of B2B Operations
Building and maintaining relationships

The top important principle of B2B is to build and maintain good relationships with partners. As these relationships are developed, it fosters trust and helps both parties reach their business goals.

Focus on value

In the B2B model, the value of a product or service plays a very important role. This means B2B marketing focuses more on creating real value through technical information, data, and sales support documentation.


Now you know what B2B is and understand more about how it works. B2B is an indispensable model in today's business world, bringing many benefits to businesses. By understanding B2B, your business will be able to harness the opportunities that this business model offers.

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