Video - The Key to Breakthrough Sales on Shopee in the New Era

20 June, 2024 by
Video - The Key to Breakthrough Sales on Shopee in the New Era
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In the bustling e-commerce (e-commerce) market today, attracting customers' attention and driving purchasing decisions has become a challenging task for sellers on Shopee. Among countless stores and products, how can you stand out and leave a unique impression in the minds of customers? The answer lies in Video - The most effective marketing tool in the 4.0 era.

1. Consumer Habits Have Changed: Prioritizing Dynamic and Interactive Visuals

Undeniably, consumer habits have changed significantly, especially in the era of information explosion and digital technology. Instead of merely reading long product descriptions, today's consumers prefer more intuitive, lively, and emotional experiences.

  • Visual content, easy to absorb: Video allows viewers to access product information more quickly and easily compared to static images or text.
  • Enhancing real-life experience: Video offers a realistic and vivid view of the product, helping customers better visualize its functions, usage, and benefits. As a result, it increases the potential customer reach.
  • Increasing interaction, building trust: Customers can directly interact with videos by liking, commenting, and sharing, showing their interest in the product.

2. Shopee - Partnering with Sellers through Video

Understanding this trend, Shopee continuously strives to optimize the video experience for both sellers and buyers.

  • Shopee Video: A feature that allows sellers to create and upload short product introduction videos, effectively capturing buyers' attention.
  • Livestream: A live broadcasting feature enabling sellers to interact directly with customers, answer inquiries, and introduce products in a more intuitive and lively manner.
  • Shopee Feed: A place where sellers can post product videos, reaching a broad potential customer base.

3. Video - A Crucial Element Influencing Purchase Decisions

Video plays an essential role in driving consumer purchasing decisions on Shopee.

  • Evoking emotions, creating strong impressions: Videos easily evoke emotions and create more robust impressions on viewers compared to static images or text.
  • Providing detailed information, increasing credibility: Videos help sellers convey product information in a detailed, clear, and transparent manner, thereby increasing the store's credibility.
  • Improving conversion rates: Videos help increase click-through rates, product views, and ultimately the conversion rate of successful orders.

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