The rise of social commerce 2023: What sellers need to know

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The rise of social commerce 2023: What sellers need to know
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Social commerce is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of e-commerce. By blending the power of social media with e-commerce, sellers have unlocked a dynamic avenue for enhanced sales and consumer engagement.

The meteoric rise of social commerce

Recent years have seen an explosive growth in social commerce. With platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop gaining momentum, this isn't a fleeting trend but a fundamental shift in online buying behaviors.

  • Key Statistics: In 2022, social commerce sales hit a record high, with a 35% YoY growth rate. Furthermore, 1 in 3 online shoppers made a purchase via a social platform.
Why every seller should consider social commerce

Transitioning or integrating into social commerce is becoming essential for several reasons:

  • Reach: Social platforms house billions of active users. Tapping into this audience is a goldmine.
  • Engagement: Social commerce provides interactive shopping experiences, promoting higher consumer engagement.
  • Trust: Recommendations and reviews on social platforms can boost product credibility.
How to successfully launch on social commerce platforms
  • Research Your Target Audience: Understand who your customers are, their preferences, and buying behaviors. This will guide your strategies and platform choice.

How: Conduct surveys, analyze social media trends, and use analytics tools.

  • Choose the Right Platform: Not all social commerce platforms suit every product. Choose based on your audience and product niche.

How: Study platform demographics, look at competitors, and test with sample products.

  • Engage Regularly with Your Audience: Building a loyal community requires consistent and meaningful interaction.

How: Host live sessions, Q&As, share behind-the-scenes content, and respond to comments/messages.

  • Optimize Product Listings: Detailed and appealing product listings can make or break a sale.

How: Use high-quality images, write clear descriptions, and incorporate keywords for searchability.

  • Invest in Advertising: Paid promotions can amplify your reach and drive more sales.

How: Use platform-specific ad tools, target specific demographics, and monitor ad performance for optimization.


The rise of social commerce is more than a trend; it's the future of online selling. As this landscape evolves, partnering with experienced players like Lameco ensures you're always ahead of the curve, ready to capture new markets and opportunities.

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