Should you put your store on Shopee Mall? The awesome guide for sellers

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Should you put your store on Shopee Mall? The awesome guide for sellers
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Have you heard about Shopee Mall? It's the fancy new section of Shopee for official brand stores. Brands like Samsung, Puma, Watsons all have shiny stores there.

As a seller, you may be wondering - should I also put my store in Shopee Mall? Will it help my business?

Well, today I'll explain everything you need to know about Shopee Mall in simple words. By the end, you'll know if putting your store in the Mall is a good idea or not. Let's get started!

What is Shopee Mall?

Shopee Mall is like a shopping mall inside the Shopee app. It has all the popular and luxury brands. Customers can shop directly from the official stores of brands like Adidas, innisfree, Huawei etc.

The stores look very nice with big banners, videos and proper product listings. They are not like regular seller stores. Mall stores must maintain high standards set by Shopee.

Brands also run exclusive deals and vouchers in the Mall stores. This gives customers extra excitement to visit the Mall.

So in short, Shopee Mall is a premium shopping zone inside Shopee for official brand stores.

Why do brands open stores in Shopee Mall?

Big brands open stores in the Mall because of these awesome benefits:

  • More trust - Customers trust stores in the Mall more because they are official. No fakes!

  • Better visibility - Mall stores get promoted more by Shopee. They show up on top in search results.

  • Exclusive features - Mall stores get cool features like video banners, special badges, brand membership etc.

  • Premium image - Having a Mall store builds brand image. Customers see you as a premium, reputable brand.

So for big brands, having a shiny Mall store helps them reach more buyers in a better way. It also improves their brand reputation.

How is Shopee Mall different from regular Shopee?

The Mall and regular Shopee work same way - anyone can list products for sale.

But there are 5 key differences between the Mall and regular Shopee:

  1. Strict criteria: Only authorized brands can open stores in the Mall after Shopee's screening. Regular sellers don't need approval.

  2. Premium features: Mall stores get exclusive banners, videos etc. Regular stores look simple.

  3. Better visibility: Mall stores are promoted more and show higher in search. Regular stores rely on ads and SEO.

  4. More trust: Customers perceive Mall stores to be more authentic than regular stores.

  5. Higher standards: Mall stores must maintain high quality standards set by Shopee. No such rules for regular sellers.

So in a nutshell, the Mall provides a premium, trustworthy shopping zone for official brand stores inside Shopee.

What are the benefits of opening a Shopee Mall store?

As a seller, you get 5 awesome advantages by having a store in the Shopee Mall:

1. Increased visibility and sales

Mall stores show up higher in search results and browse sections. You get regular free traffic directly from Shopee. No need to only rely on ads.

More visibility means more potential buyers can find your store and products. Sales can increase by 2x or more.

2. More trust and credibility

The Mall tag before your brand name builds trust. Customers know your store is 100% authentic and authorized when they see the Mall tag.

They'll buy from you more. You also appear more credible compared to regular sellers.

3. Better brand reputation

Having a Mall store signals to customers that your brand is premium, high-quality and reputable.

It builds brand reputation in the minds of buyers - and differentiates you from small players.

4. Access to more features

Mall stores get access to premium features like video banners, brand stories, Shopee coins privileges and more.

These help you create an immersive brand experience that attracts and converts buyers better.

5. Get insights about competitors

In the Mall, you can easily check out what key competitors are doing - their products, pricing, promotions etc.

These insights help you optimize your own store better for more sales.

What are the eligibility criteria to join Shopee Mall?

Shopee has strict criteria for letting sellers join the Mall. You must meet these 5 requirements:

1. Be an authorized brand retailer

Your business must have official authorization or distribution rights from the original brand owner. For your own private label, you need relevant business licenses and documentation.

2. Have a registered brand name

Your brand must be registered legally - you need to submit the certificate. This proves your brand is authentic.

3. Good performance and high ratings

You must have at least 25 sales per day and 98% positive ratings over 30 days. This shows you maintain high standards that Mall customers expect.

4. Ability to offer high discounts

In the Mall, you need to offer big vouchers and discounts to attract buyers. Shopee checks your ability to provide min. 30-40% discounts on major sales days.

5. No quality violations

Your account must be free from any quality or fraud violations in the last 30 days. This helps ensure only sellers with high credibility get the Mall tag.

What happens after you apply for Shopee Mall?

Once you apply to open a Mall store, here's what happens:

Step 1: Shopee reviews your application and checks if you meet all the criteria.

Step 2: If approved, you agree to open your store in the Mall within the next 3 days.

Step 3: Shopee helps you set up the Mall store with premium features, design and content.

Step 4: Your store goes live in the Mall as an authorized brand store!

Step 5: You need to keep maintaining Mall standards like discounts, service quality etc. Otherwise, the store can be removed.

So Shopee closely vets sellers before giving Mall access. They also provide support in setting up and operating your Mall store.

Should a small business open a store in Shopee Mall?

For big, popular brands - Shopee Mall is a no-brainer. But what about smaller businesses or less known brands?

Should you also apply for the Mall? Here are some key points to consider:


  • Get a premium look and feel

  • Higher visibility and sales potential

  • Build brand credibility and reputation


  • Need to offer big discounts regularly

  • Must spend more on marketing your Mall store

  • Risk of poor performance if your brand has low awareness

So for small businesses, the positives of Mall access must outweigh the effort and costs involved. If you have an established niche brand that customers search for by name, the Mall can help grow your business. But don't jump into the Mall hoping it will instantly make your no-name brand popular. Focus first on building brand awareness and sales.

7 tips to improve your chances of Shopee Mall acceptance

To boost your odds of getting approved for the Mall, you should:

  1. Apply under your registered brand name - Don't use your seller account name.

  2. Show authorization proof upfront - Certificates, distribution rights etc.

  3. Highlight sales volumes and high ratings - Past 30 days data.

  4. Demonstrate discounts you can offer - Share examples of past campaigns.

  5. Have a social media presence for your brand - Helps establish credibility.

  6. Check for any policy violations - Mall has zero tolerance.

  7. Show how you will promote the Mall store - Your marketing plan.

These best practices indicate you are ready to successfully operate a Mall store.

In conclusion

So should you open a Shopee Mall store for your business? Consider these key takeaways:

  • Mall stores get premium branding and higher visibility - but require effort to stand out.

  • Having the Mall tag builds trust and credibility - but you need brand awareness too.

  • Cool premium features attract customers - but big discounts have costs.

  • For big brands, the Mall amplifies success - but unknown brands may struggle.

  • Meet the criteria fully before applying - authorization, ratings, policies etc.

  • **Weigh the pros and cons carefully for your business** - is the Mall right for your stage and capabilities?

The bottom line - Shopee Mall can be a game changer for eligible brands ready to leverage its advantages. But it requires significant commitment. Evaluate closely if it aligns with your business' current strengths and priorities. With the right strategy, the Mall can help take your brand and sales to the next level!

At Lameco, our ecommerce experts can help you expand your brand's presence by launching and optimizing your Shopee Mall store. Get in touch with us to explore how we can drive your ecommerce growth.

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