Shopee Service Fee Changes Starting 07/2024: What Awaits Sellers?

27 June, 2024 by
Shopee Service Fee Changes Starting 07/2024: What Awaits Sellers?
Lameco JSC

Hello Shopee sellers!

Hot news has just rolled through Shopee's e-commerce platform – a revision in the service fee policy for sellers. Starting from 03/07/2024, Shopee will implement a new Fixed Fee of 4% (including VAT) for all Sellers on the platform.

Service Fee Adjustment with Freeship Xtra Package?

Freeship Xtra – the "divine" program that helps sellers attract customers with free shipping offers, also comes with some notable changes:

  • Reduced fees, added limit: The new Freeship Xtra fee will be 6% per order (reduced from the previous 8%). However, Shopee will apply a maximum support of 50,000 VND per order.
  • Mandatory for Shop Mall: From now on, Shop Mall sellers will be required to register for Freeship Xtra.
  • Freeship Xtra Plus - Exclusive privilege: The Freeship Xtra Plus package will have a fee of 8% (down from 9%), but it will be exclusively for Shop Mall designated by Shopee.

Voucher Xtra and Voucher Live Xtra: Slight Adjustments

Voucher Xtra, a tool that helps sellers boost sales by creating discount codes for customers, also sees adjustments:

  • The fee is reduced from 5% to 3% of the product value, with a maximum of 50,000 VND per product.

Voucher Live Xtra – a package specifically for livestreams, has a new fee of 3% of the product value (maximum 30,000 VND) and only applies to products sold during live sessions.

Payment Fees and Fixed Fees: Slight Increase, Deep Reduction

From 03/07/2024, Payment Fees will slightly increase from 4% to 5%.

Fixed Fee: 4% (including VAT) applies to all Sellers (previously only applied to Shop Mall).

Good news for new shops: Shopee will waive the 4% fixed fee for new shops for one month (not applicable to Shop Mall).

How to Optimize Business Efficiency on Shopee?

With these changes, optimizing costs and increasing business efficiency on Shopee is crucial. Lameco, with its comprehensive e-commerce solutions, will be your "strong ally" to overcome all challenges.

We will help you:

  • Manage and operate your store: Effectively manage, operate, and develop your store.
  • Control costs: Calculate and optimize advertising, shipping, platform fees, etc., to minimize operating costs while maintaining the best revenue efficiency.
  • Boost sales: Automate the sales process and increase customer reach efficiency.

Let Lameco accompany you on the journey to conquer Shopee! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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