Revamp Your Product Catalog After Tet to Maximize Sales

19 February, 2024 by
Revamp Your Product Catalog After Tet to Maximize Sales
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The Tet holiday is a special time in Vietnam. It's a time for family, celebration, and new beginnings. Many businesses use this opportunity for an annual "spring cleaning" of sorts - and your online product catalog should be no exception!

As an e-commerce seller, the weeks after Tet are crucial for setting yourself up for sales success in the new year. Follow these 5 tips to refresh your product catalog and make the most of post-Tet e-commerce opportunities.

1. Take Stock of Dead Inventory

The new year is a chance to clear out old products that have been collecting dust. Run reports to identify SKUs with low or no sales. Be ruthless and remove unpopular items completely. You'll free up catalog space for new products.

2. Add Trending Products

Pay attention to viral products and consumer trends around Tet. For example, health gadgets are popular New Year's resolutions gifts. Ride trends by quickly adding relevant products. Data from our e-commerce agency shows products linked to trends can uplift sales up to 200%!

3. Improve Product Listings

With a new start comes an opportunity to optimize product listings. Add engaging copy, lifestyle images, and videos. Refreshing content helps you stand out on marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. We've found optimized listings can increase conversion rates by 30% or more!

4. Reset Prices

The new year usually brings price fluctuations. Review your pricing strategy and adjust prices to remain competitive. Dynamic data-driven pricing helps you maximize margins. Our tools use real-time data to optimize prices daily.

5. Plan Promotions

Tết is peak selling season. Entice shoppers to buy from you with attractive promotions like discounts and coupons. We help clients design and execute promotions based on marketplace trends and competitor activity for the best ROI.

Ring in the New Year with an E-Commerce Sales Boost

A new year brings new opportunities to grow your e-commerce business. Follow these tips to refresh your product catalog so you can make the most of increased shopping activity after Tết.

Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions help you optimize everything from product listings to promotions. Get in touch today and let our experts guide you towards marketplace success in the Year of the Dragon!

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