Remarketing/Retargeting: Concepts and Applications in Shopee Advertising

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Remarketing/Retargeting: Concepts and Applications in Shopee Advertising
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In today's competitive digital marketing world, capturing and maintaining customer attention has become extremely important. That's why remarketing/retargeting has become an indispensable tool in any marketing strategy, especially for e-commerce platforms like Shopee. In this article, we will explore what remarketing/retargeting is and how to apply it in Shopee advertising, along with how Lameco can support your business in this strategy.

Remarketing/Retargeting: Definition

Remarketing and retargeting are often used interchangeably, but they have some minor differences.

  • Remarketing: Focuses on reconnecting with customers through email or other direct communication channels, based on their previous behavior on your website.

  • Retargeting: Usually involves using online advertisements to target people who have visited your website but did not make a purchase or conversion.

Both of these methods aim to re-engage potential customers who are already aware of your brand, helping to increase conversion opportunities.

Applying Remarketing/Retargeting in Shopee Advertising

1. Identifying Potential Customers

First, you need to determine who are the customers that have interacted with your store on Shopee but have not made a purchase yet. Shopee's advertising tools allow you to create retargeting campaigns based on this data.

2. Creating Targeted Advertisements

After identifying the target audience, design advertisements with compelling content that offers real value to them. This could include offering discount codes, announcing new products, or showcasing positive reviews from other customers.

3. Monitoring and Optimization

Use Shopee's analytical tools to track the performance of retargeting campaigns. Based on this data, you can adjust your strategy to achieve the best results.

Lameco: Your Strong Ally in Remarketing/Retargeting Strategy

Lameco, committed to providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions, can help optimize your remarketing/retargeting strategy on Shopee. Here are some ways that Lameco can support:

  • Customer Data Analysis: Helping you understand more about customer behavior and preferences for more accurate targeting in retargeting campaigns.

  • Creative Ad Design: Creating compelling advertisements that attract attention and encourage customer action.

  • Campaign Optimization: Offering analytical and optimization solutions to ensure you achieve the highest ROI.


Remarketing/Retargeting is a powerful marketing tool that enhances engagement and conversions on Shopee. With the support of Lameco, you can amplify the effectiveness of this strategy, optimize costs, and boost sales. Don't let potential customers slip by, start your remarketing/retargeting campaign today!

Are you ready to enhance your Shopee advertising performance with Lameco? Contact us today to get started!

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