Quiz: What Kind of E-Commerce Seller Are You?

1 November, 2023 by
Quiz: What Kind of E-Commerce Seller Are You?
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Are you looking to start selling online but not sure where to begin? The world of e-commerce can be complex and competitive. But if you understand your natural strengths and preferences as a seller, you can find the right e-commerce model for you.

Take this fun quiz to reveal what kind of e-commerce seller you are!

Answer these 5 questions:

1. When it comes to products, I'm most interested in selling:

A. Handmade, customized, or specialty items
B. Branded products from well-known companies
C. My own branded products that I designed or manufactured
D. A wide selection of trending and in-demand products

2. My ideal customers are:

A. People looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items
B. Value-focused shoppers looking for deals on popular brands
C. Customers who align with my company's brand values
D. Mass market/general consumers

3. I prefer to sell via:

A. My own online store
B. Online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopee or Lazada
C. Social platforms like Instagram or TikTok
D. A mix - whatever brings in sales!

4. When it comes to branding and marketing, I:

A. Prefer subtle promotion and word-of-mouth
B. Let the major brands do the heavy lifting
C. Want to build my own recognizable brand
D. Focus on sales volume and conversions

5. I'm comfortable dedicating this much time to my e-commerce venture:

A. 10+ hours per week - it's my passion!
B. 5-10 hours per week - a solid side hustle
C. 2-5 hours per week - a small extra income stream
D. Under 2 hours per week - mostly passive income

So what kind of seller are you?

Mostly A's: The Craftsperson
You're perfect for handmade, custom and crafted goods. Consider selling on Etsy or your own store. Be sure to tell your brand story.

Mostly B's: The Reseller
Look into reselling brand name products on Amazon, eBay, Shopee or other marketplaces. Focus on providing great deals in high-demand categories.

Mostly C's: The Brand Builder
You're ready to launch your own brand and products. Build your ecommerce storefront and use social media marketing to promote your brand.

Mostly D's: The Marketplace Seller
Sell a wide range of popular products on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Shopee or Lazada. Keep a diverse inventory to maximize sales.


No matter what kind of seller you are, Lameco can help you build a successful ecommerce business on your terms. As a leading e-commerce agency, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs. Reach out to start selling smarter today!

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