Optimizing Product Images on Shopee Effectively Guide

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Optimizing Product Images on Shopee Effectively Guide
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In the era of booming e-commerce, product images play an extremely important role, determining customer attraction and purchase decisions. This article will guide Shopee sellers on how to optimize product images effectively, increase conversion rates, and boost sales.

1. Choose High-Quality, Authentic Images

Blurry, pixelated, or poorly lit images will only cause customers to scroll past your store. Invest in capturing product photos with high quality, clarity, showcasing the true colors, materials, and styles of the product.

  • Use a white or bright background to make the product stand out.
  • Capture images from various angles for a comprehensive view.
  • Take close-up shots to highlight product details.

2. Optimize Image Size and File Size

Inconsistent image sizes will make your store interface look cluttered. Shopee recommends a minimum image size of 500x500 pixels and a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Note: Large image file sizes can slow down page loading speed, affecting the customer experience. Use online image compression tools to reduce file size without compromising quality.

3. Highlight Products with Professional Images

Use photo editing tools to create professional, eye-catching product images.

You can:
  • Remove background: Separate the product from the background to make it stand out.
  • Adjust lighting and colors: Create natural lighting effects, adjust product colors to be appealing.
  • Add text and logos: Add product names, brand logos, or marketing messages to the image.

Note: Avoid excessive image editing that makes the product look vastly different from reality, leading to customer distrust.

4. Use a Variety of Images

Provide customers with a comprehensive view of the product by using a variety of images:

  • Overall images: Show the entire product.
  • Detailed images: Clarify details, prominent features.
  • Lifestyle images: Product images used in real life.
  • Product videos: Help customers visualize the product better.

5. Update Images Regularly

Outdated, low-quality product images will make your store less attractive. Regularly update new images for products, especially when there are new styles, promotions, or special events.

6. Adhere to Shopee's Policies

Ensure that your product images comply with Shopee's policies on content, copyright, and images. Avoid using offensive, misleading, or copyright-infringing images.

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