Optimizing Advertising Keywords on Shopee: Exact Keywords and Broad Keywords

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Optimizing Advertising Keywords on Shopee: Exact Keywords and Broad Keywords
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In the increasingly competitive online business environment, optimizing advertising keywords on Shopee is an essential factor for attracting potential customers and enhancing sales effectiveness. This article will detail two important types of keywords in Shopee advertising: exact keywords and broad keywords, along with how to apply them to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Exact Keywords


Exact keywords are words or phrases that users input into Shopee's search bar to look for specific products. These keywords are typically concise, direct, and have a clear meaning.

How to Identify Exact Keywords
  1. Utilize Shopee's Search Bar:
    • Use Shopee’s search bar to identify keywords commonly used by customers.
    • Prioritize selecting the most “relevant” keywords for your store, considering the level of competition and your store's potential.
    • Use these keywords to optimize product titles, ensuring they are both easy to search and meaningful.
  2. Analyze Query and Search Volumes:
    • Use an Excel file or Google Sheets to record and analyze search volumes for each keyword.
    • Use Shopee's advertising tools to add and check keywords, then let Shopee suggest broad keywords.
    • Carefully record related keywords for future optimization.
  • Increase Visibility: Using exact keywords helps your products appear when potential customers are searching.
  • Increase Conversion Rate: Customers searching with exact keywords usually have a high purchasing intent, leading to a better conversion rate.

If you sell "men's t-shirts," exact keywords could include:

  • "men's t-shirt".
  • "plain men's t-shirt".
  • "polo men's t-shirt".

Broad Keywords


Broad keywords are words or phrases related to your products but not necessarily 100% accurate. These keywords often include variations, synonyms, or related phrases.

How to Identify Broad Keywords
  1. Use Search Tools to Filter Keywords:
    • Tools like Google Adwords, Keyword Tool, Google Trends, or search tools from e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Tiki, or Sendo can assist in finding suitable keywords.
    • Utilize these tools to gather and study keywords and to evaluate market margins.
    • After obtaining a list of keywords, remove irrelevant ones and retain and optimize around 200 relevant keywords for your products.
  2. Use Suggestions from Shopee’s Tool:
    • Use suggestions from Shopee’s tool and arrange them according to search rate rankings from high to low.
    • Choose keywords with large volume and high scores; avoid selecting too many keywords, ideally, run a list of <15 keywords.
  • Expand Reach: Using broad keywords helps your products reach more customers, even if they are not searching for your exact keywords.
  • Optimize Advertising Campaigns: Broad keywords help you discover new opportunities and adjust advertising campaigns to better match customer search behaviors.

If you sell "men's t-shirts," broad keywords could include:

  • "beautiful t-shirt".
  • "fashionable t-shirt".
  • "cheap t-shirt".


Optimizing advertising keywords on Shopee not only helps your products easily reach potential customers but also helps increase conversion rates and sales revenue. By combining exact keywords and broad keywords, you can build an effective and sustainable advertising strategy.

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