New Sales Trends on Shopee in 2024: How to Break Through?

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New Sales Trends on Shopee in 2024: How to Break Through?
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In the bustling and constantly innovating world of e-commerce, Shopee has become one of the leading online retail platforms. With fierce competition, to succeed on Shopee in 2024, sellers need to grasp and immediately apply new sales trends. This article will analyze the notable trends on Shopee and how Lameco, with its unique support, can help you break through in 2024.

Focus on User Experience

The first trend is enhancing the user experience. Sellers need to focus on creating product pages with attractive designs, complete and detailed information, along with exciting promotional programs to attract and retain customers.

Lameco plays a significant role in providing solutions for this through its design services and optimization of product pages, helping sellers increase conversion rates and build consumer trust.

Leveraging AI Technology and Big Data

AI and Big Data technologies are changing the way we approach and analyze customer data. Through behavioral analysis, shopping preferences, and transaction history data, sellers can develop more effective business strategies.

Lameco provides smart data analysis solutions that help sellers better understand their customers, thereby creating personalized marketing strategies, resulting in the best business outcomes.

Shopping via Livestream - Connecting Directly with Customers

Livestream sales are no longer a novel concept but remain an essential part of the online business strategy. Direct interaction and the ability to present products vividly increase reach and build relationships with customers.

Lameco supports sellers with professional livestream solutions, from setting up studios to post-production services, making your livestreams more professional and engaging.

Optimizing for Mobile - Shopping Anytime, Anywhere

With the ubiquity of smartphones, optimizing the mobile shopping experience is essential. In 2024, sellers need to ensure that their online store operates smoothly on all mobile devices.

Lameco helps you optimize your store for mobile platforms, ensuring that your products and services can reach customers anytime, anywhere.

Using Creative Content to Attract Customers

Creative and unique content helps your brand stand out in the market. By using engaging content such as blogs, product videos, and high-quality images, you can attract customers' attention and encourage them to make purchases.

Lameco provides professional content production services, helping you create impressive and effective marketing content, thereby enhancing your brand's presence on Shopee.


Capturing and applying new sales trends on Shopee is key to achieving success in 2024. Lameco understands this and is committed to supporting you on your online business journey. Don't hesitate, contact Lameco today to leverage the power of our advanced and professional solutions. 

Let Lameco help you break through and achieve spectacular business goals on Shopee!

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