Make your walls come alive: the booming online business of wall paintings and home décor posters

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Make your walls come alive: the booming online business of wall paintings and home décor posters
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Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly uplifted by its beautiful wall art? Wall paintings and décor posters can completely transform the look and feel of any space. And thanks to online marketplaces, selling these artistic products is easier and more profitable than ever.

In this post, we’ll analyze the huge potential for starting or growing an online business selling wall art and prints. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, interior designer, print shop owner or seller looking for a new opportunity – read on to learn how to tap into this vibrant industry!

A Market Hungry for Wall Décor

Let's start with the key fact: demand for wall art and décor is absolutely booming right now!

Research shows that the global wall décor market will grow at a staggering 9.5% CAGR from 2022-2030. That’s nearly 10% growth every year for the next decade!

Several trends are fueling this rapid expansion:

  • Home makeovers: During the pandemic, people spent more time at home and invested in remodeling. This fueled demand for wall art to refresh their spaces.

  • Print-on-demand: New print technologies like large format printing have made printing wall art easy and affordable.

  • Ecommerce: Online marketplaces connect sellers to millions of buyers looking for wall décor.

  • Apartment living: More young people are renting, so they use art to customize cookie-cutter apartments.

  • Gifting: Wall art makes a fantastic gift for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, etc. It’s personalized without being too personal!

The numbers speak for themselves – wall décor is a goldmine niche. But exactly which types of wall art and prints sell best online?

Top-Selling Categories of Wall Art Prints

While wall décor includes everything from paint finishes to 3D art, prints dominate online sales. Here are the most popular categories:

1. Photography Prints

From styled Instagrammable rooms to moody cityscapes, photography is the #1 best-selling wall art online. Photo prints appeal to almost any buyer.

Try selling:

  • Landscape photography – pine forests, mountain ridges, beach sunset prints.

  • Travel photography – iconic landmarks and street scenes.

  • Architectural photography – doors, staircases, buildings, windows.

  • Nature photography – flowers, birds, butterflies, trees.

  • Black and white photography – city scenes, portraits, abstracts.

  • Inspirational quotes – uplifting messages printed on photography.

2. Pop Culture Posters

Music, movies, games and more – pop culture drives major print sales. Fans want posters of their idols and favorite franchises.

Best-sellers include:

  • Musicians – Beyonce, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran posters.

  • Movies – Top Gun, Star Wars, Marvel.

  • TV shows – Friends, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones.

  • Anime & manga.

  • Sports stars – Ronaldo, Messi, LeBron James.

3. Maps

Vintage or stylized maps are trending for home offices, kids’ rooms, and masculine spaces like bars. Go beyond world maps to cities, metro systems, amusement parks and more.

4. Botanical Prints

Flowers, leaves, herbs and plants – prints of foliage liven up kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. Ferns and palms are especially popular right now.

Try selling:

  • Stylized botanical drawings – ferns, palms, cacti, etc.

  • Watercolor floral prints.

  • Leaf prints – monstera, palm, eucalyptus leaves.

  • Herbarium sheets – pressed flower specimens.

  • Fruit prints – citrus fruits, berries, tropical fruits.

5. Abstract Art

Colorful abstract designs add an artistic flair to modern homes. They’re easy to match with any style and palette.

Best-sellers include:

  • Geometric prints – circles, lines, shapes.

  • Paint splatters.

  • Psychedelic and surreal designs.

  • Graffiti-style art.

  • Minimalist abstracts.

Selling Wall Art Online: Marketplaces vs. Your Own Store

Once you’ve selected the types of wall art to sell, next comes choosing sales channels. You have two main options:

Sell on Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Etsy, Society6 and Redbubble make it easy to sell prints in high-traffic virtual marketplaces.


  • Massive built-in audience – marketplaces have millions of buyers.

  • Low barrier to entry – you can start selling quickly.

  • Print fulfillment – many marketplaces offer print-on-demand so you don’t stock inventory.

  • Marketing – marketplaces drive traffic to your listings through search, ads and recommendations.


  • Competition – lots of sellers offer similar products.

  • Fees – marketplaces charge commissions and transaction fees.

  • Less control – you must follow marketplace policies and can’t customize much.

Sell from Your Own Online Store

Running your own e-commerce store gives you full control over branding, policies, customization options and more.


  • Full control – set your policies, brand, product range, etc.

  • Own your customers – collect emails and market directly to buyers.

  • Higher profit margins – avoid marketplace fees.


  • Major time and money investment – you must handle security, hosting, marketing, merchandising, etc.

  • Need traffic – you start from zero visitors unless you market aggressively.

Many successful print shops use a hybrid model – selling on marketplaces while also driving buyers to their standalone stores. This takes advantage of marketplace traffic while also building their own customer base.

Turning Wall Art into a Real Business

Selling a few prints through Redbubble is easy. But building a real business around wall art takes work. Here are some tips:

1. Find a Competitive Edge

To stand out from other sellers, identify a unique angle for your brand. Some options:

  • Local art: Sell scenes of your city, state or region.

  • Unique product line: Specialize in niche prints like surfboards, ancient maps or jazz musicians.

  • Artist collab: Team up with artists to sell exclusive work.

  • Eco-friendly printing: Use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks.

  • Premium materials: Print on high-quality wood, metal or acrylic for upscale buyers.

  • Personalization: Offer customization with names and dates.

2. Build Production Capacity

Carefully evaluate your operational capacity to deliver orders efficiently.

  • If print-on-demand is not available, research printing costs and set up partnerships with print shops. Order sample prints to check quality.

  • For framing, look for wholesale framers or learn to frame efficiently yourself.

  • Calculate processing and shipping times and costs.

3. Invest in Marketing

Marketing is crucial for consistent sales. Focus on:

  • Capturing emails and building a subscriber list. Offer discounts for signup. Send regular promos and content.

  • SEO optimization for organic traffic from search engines. Target keywords related to your niche.

  • Social media marketing through visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Paid ads to drive traffic from Google, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Influencer marketing by gifting prints to interior designers, architects and photographers in exchange for posts.

4. Analyze Data

Use data and analytics to identify your best-selling products, most profitable traffic sources, and other insights. Use this intel to refine your inventory and marketing.

5. Deliver 5-Star Service

Customer satisfaction fuels word-of-mouth sales and loyalty. Invest in top-notch service through:

  • Fast and reliable shipping.

  • High-quality packaging to avoid damage.

  • Friendly email support.

  • Easy returns and exchanges.

  • Responding quickly to reviews.

Ready to Turn Wall Décor into Online Dollars?

The demand for wall art and prints is absolutely enormous thanks to home makeovers and gift-giving. And online marketplaces make launching a wall décor business simple and low-risk.

With a competitive edge like premium materials or specialization in a hot niche, your brand can stand out from the competition. Invest in marketing and analytics to fuel growth. And deliver a seamless customer experience to keep buyers coming back for more.

If you’re ready to transform blank walls into profit, now is the perfect time to start selling wall art and prints online. With a strategic approach and consistent effort, you can build a thriving business and make your creative mark on homes across the country.

Let your entrepreneurial spirit soar as high as the artwork on your customers’ walls. Start brainstorming products and designing your brand today. We can’t wait to see the beautiful artwork you’ll unleash into the world!

At Lameco, our ecommerce specialists can provide end-to-end solutions to help you start and grow a successful online art and décor business. From store setup to marketing to operations, we become your partner at every stage. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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