How to find Trending Products on Shopee?

2 April, 2024 by
How to find Trending Products on Shopee?
Lameco JSC

Start by Capturing Trends

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, keeping up with trends and identifying popular products is key to success. Shopee is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, hosting millions of products with thousands of transactions conducted daily. So how can you pinpoint trending products on Shopee and turn them into business opportunities? Let’s explore through this article!

Step 1: Use Shopee’s Search Tool

Shopee offers you a powerful search tool, allowing you to search products based on keywords, categories, and even best-selling items. You can use the "Top Selling Products" feature to see which products are currently most popular.

Step 2: Track Hashtags & Shopee Feed

Hashtags are a great way to track trends. The Shopee Feed is where sellers and buyers share posts about products, promotions, and more. Pay attention to popular hashtags and posts that receive a lot of views and comments.

Step 3: Analyze Reviews & Feedback

Trending products often have a lot of positive reviews and feedback from the user community. Reading through these reviews can provide valuable information about product quality and customer satisfaction levels.

Step 4: Use Market Analysis Tools

Market analysis tools can provide detailed data on shopping trends and sales performance. Some of these tools can be directly integrated with Shopee to help you capture the latest market information.

Step 5: Join Forums & Community Groups

Participating in e-commerce forums and community groups can help you stay informed and discuss hot products. Sometimes, "underground" information from the community can lead you to potential products that you may not find through regular searches.

Step 6: Observe Promotional Events & Flash Sales

Shopee regularly organizes promotional events and flash sales. This is a great opportunity for you to see which products are heavily discounted and have high buying power, thereby deducing their popularity.


By mastering the steps above, you can easily find trending products on Shopee and leverage them for your business goals. However, building a strategy for business growth is never easy, contact Lameco for expert advice on developing an effective business strategy on Shopee.

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