Guide to Product Optimization for Revenue Growth on Shopee

9 May, 2024 by
Guide to Product Optimization for Revenue Growth on Shopee
Lameco JSC

To increase revenue on Shopee, optimizing your product listings is an essential step. Here are some effective methods that you can implement.

1. Identify Main Keywords from Shopee Search Bar

Start by leveraging the Shopee search bar to find out the keywords that customers frequently use. Prioritize selecting the most "suitable" keywords for your store, taking into account the level of competition and the potential of your shop.

2. Analyze Searches and Findings

Use an excel file or Google Sheets to record and analyze the search volume for each keyword. Don't hesitate to utilize Shopee's built-in advertising tools to add and test keywords, then let Shopee suggest related extended keywords. Be sure to carefully note down related keywords for future optimization.

3. Use Search Tools to Filter Keywords

Tools like Google Adwords, Keyword Tool, Google Trends, or the search tools of eCommerce platforms like Lazada, Tiki, or Sendo can assist you in finding the right keywords. Take advantage of these tools to gather and research keywords as well as to evaluate the market's range.

4. Optimize Product Images

Product images are the first thing that attracts buyers. Therefore, invest in taking high-quality product photos, showing all angles and details of the product thoroughly. If your product is meant to be a gift, take photos with attractive packaging to appeal to customers.

5. Optimize Product Descriptions

Product descriptions need to provide complete information about the product and highlight its superior points. At the same time, the description should also contain keywords that were researched to increase visibility in search results.


Optimizing products requires time and effort, but it will be effective for your revenue on Shopee.

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