Guide to Opening a Store on Shopee

16 May, 2023 by
Guide to Opening a Store on Shopee
Tài Nguyễn

Shopee has recently surpassed Lazada to become the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, commanding 57% of the total transaction volume in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market. E-commerce is now more than just an optional channel; it constitutes a significant and ever-growing share of overall retail sales.

As a B2C business owner, Shopee offers abundant opportunities for you to sell your products online, leveraging its extensive regional presence. In this article, we will explore the platform's features, costs, and onboarding processes to help you establish your presence as a seller on Shopee.

If you are a new business owner, it is advisable to conduct research on the product niches you intend to enter, set up a business entity, and open a dedicated business banking account before proceeding with the creation of your e-commerce store.

Step 1: Create a Shopee account
Access the Shopee website or download the Shopee app on your phone.
Click on the "Sign Up" button and enter the required personal information.
Confirm your account via email or phone number.

Step 2: Set up your store
Log in to your Shopee account.
Select "My Shop" and click on "Set Up Shop".
Fill in your store information such as name, description, logo, cover photo, delivery, and payment policies.

Step 3: List your products
In your shop, select "List New Product".
Upload product photos and enter relevant information such as name, description, price, category.
Set other details like quantity, color, size (if applicable).

Step 4: Promote and process orders
Utilize promotional tools like campaigns, Shopee advertisements to attract customers.
Monitor orders from customers and process them promptly.
Ensure fast and reliable delivery as promised.

Step 5: Customer care
Interact and support customers in a professional and friendly manner.
Address any inquiries and complaints from customers.
Build trust and satisfaction to encourage repeat purchases.

Step 6: Grow and update
Track store performance, review reports, and analytics.
Adjust and improve products, policies, and advertising based on customer feedback.
Stay updated with Shopee trends and updates to optimize revenue.

By following the above instructions, you will be able to open a store on Shopee and start a successful online business.

If you're still facing difficulties in setting up a store on Shopee, please consider our Shopee store design service for assistance.

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