FAQ: Common Questions About Shopee Video

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FAQ: Common Questions About Shopee Video
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Shopee Video is a useful tool that helps sellers reach potential customers through engaging video content. However, during its usage, many sellers still have concerns about this feature. Let's answer some common questions about Shopee Video to use it more effectively!

1. What's the difference between Shopee Video and Shopee Live?

Both Shopee Video and Shopee Live are effective sales tools on the Shopee platform, but they have some fundamental differences:

  • Format: Shopee Video is a platform for sharing short videos, similar to TikTok, while Shopee Live is a live streaming platform that interacts directly with viewers.
  • Content: Shopee Video typically focuses on product introductions, usage instructions, reviews,... Shopee Live may include a wider range of content such as product showcases, sales livestreams, minigames, talk shows,...
  • Duration: Shopee Video limits video duration from 7 to 57 seconds, while Shopee Live does not limit the broadcast duration.
  • Interaction: Shopee Video allows viewers to like, comment, and share videos, while Shopee Live allows for direct interaction through comments, hearts, gifts,...

2. Does Shopee Video have a limit on the number of posts?

Currently, Shopee does not limit the number of videos you can upload to Shopee Video. However, ensure that your video content is quality, engaging, and complies with Shopee's policies for the best results.

3. How many products can be featured in one Shopee Video?

Each Shopee Video allows you to tag a maximum of 6 products from your store. Choose the products that match the video content to attract viewers' attention.

4. How do the “Following” tab and “Trending” tab differentiate?

  • “Following” tab: Displays videos from the shops you have followed on Shopee.
  • “Trending” tab: Shows popular videos that are currently attracting a lot of attention on Shopee Video.

5. Can a shop pin comments on Shopee Video?

Currently, Shopee does not support the comment pinning feature on Shopee Video.

6. If a buyer is blocked, can they still watch Shopee Videos, comment on them, and make purchases?

When you block a buyer, they can still watch the Shop's Videos but they will not be able to:

  • Comment on your shop's videos.
  • Make purchases from your shop.
  • View your shop's profile.

7. What can I do if my video is uploaded by another account?

If you discover that your video is being used without permission by someone else, you can report the infringement to Shopee for support in removing the video.

8. Why did the product I added to Shopee Video disappear?

There are several reasons why the product you added to Shopee Video could disappear, such as:

  • The product is out of stock or removed from the store.
  • The product violates Shopee’s policies.
  • The product is unrelated to the content in the video.

9. Why can't I upload a Video on Shopee Video?

Several reasons you might not be able to upload a video on Shopee Video:

  • Your video does not comply with Shopee's community policies.
  • The network connection is unstable.
  • Suspected fraudulent commission activities in affiliate marketing.

10. Why don't I see the "Tap to Add Product" button when creating a video?

Shopee currently only applies the feature to add products to videos for certain accounts and has not opened it for all accounts. If you don't see the "Tap to Add Product" button, it means that your account has not been permitted by Shopee to use this feature.

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