Ecommerce sellers: Capitalize on Lunar New Year shopping to increase sales

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Ecommerce sellers: Capitalize on Lunar New Year shopping to increase sales
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Lunar New Year, known as Tet in Vietnam, is the most important holiday in Vietnamese culture. During this festive season, consumer shopping habits undergo a dramatic shift. As an eCommerce seller, understanding and adapting to these changes presents a massive opportunity to boost your sales.

In this post, I'll explain how the tradition of Tet influences shopping behaviors and provide actionable tips to develop promotions leveraging this insight. Get ready to ring in the New Year with record sales!

Traditions Driving Gift Giving and Shopping

Tet revolves around specific customs that directly impact purchasing:

Homecomings Increase Travel and Gift Purchases
  • Tet is when families reunite. People working away return home to celebrate.
  • This results in massive demand for travel tickets and related gifts like luggage.
  • Red envelopes containing money are popular gifts from elders to children.
Honoring Ancestors Drives Luxury Purchases
  • Tet involves visiting and honoring ancestors.
  • Luxury items like jewelry, watches, and name-brand fashion are popular ancestral offerings.
  • Ancestor honoring also increases flower purchases.
Celebratory Meals Require Ingredient Stocking
  • Lavish meals with symbolic foods are integral to Tet.
  • Shoppers stock up on core ingredients like meat, fruits, vegetables, and rice.
  • Alcohol and beverage sales also surge to accompany feasting.

Develop Promotions Leveraging Lunar New Year Traditions

With the cultural backdrop explained, here are specific tactics to boost sales this Tet:

Offer Travel and Luggage Deals
  • Spotlight luggage, backpacks, and travel accessories.
  • Create a "Homecomings" collection of relevant products.
  • Offer discounts or free shipping on large purchases.
Promote Gifts for Ancestors and Elders
  • Create a "Tet Traditions" guide recommending luxurious gifting.
  • Offer enticing discounts on watches, jewelry, fashion, and flowers.
  • Remind shoppers of shipping deadlines to receive gifts in time.
Stock Ingredients for Feasting
  • Curate festive ingredient kits with recipe suggestions.
  • Offer bulk pricing on provision essentials like meat and produce.
  • Promote beverages and alcohol packages for celebratory toasting.

Respect Tradition While Adapting Your Strategy

The tips above provide a blueprint to align your eCommerce promotions with Tet. However, creative adaptation while respecting tradition is key. Avoid inappropriate products like funeral items. Seek input from Vietnamese team members on cultural nuances.

With a thoughtful strategy catered to local customs, Tet presents a huge opportunity for eCommerce sellers to kick off the year with a sales surge. The New Year is coming - are you ready to capitalize?


  • Tet traditions like reunions, ancestor honoring, and feasting shape shopping.
  • Target offerings like travel, luxury goods, ingredients, and alcohol.
  • Adapt promotions respectfully to make the most of this sales opportunity.

At Lameco, our eCommerce experts can help develop customized Tet promotions to boost your Lunar New Year sales. Contact us to discuss your strategy today!

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