Differentiating Between Shopee's Voucher Xtra and Freeship Xtra Packages: Should Sellers Use Them?

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Differentiating Between Shopee's Voucher Xtra and Freeship Xtra Packages: Should Sellers Use Them?
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As we know, Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. To enhance the shopping experience for customers, Shopee offers two special packages for sellers on the platform: the Voucher Xtra and the Freeship Xtra. But what are the differences between these two packages? And should sellers use them? Let's explore in this article.

Voucher Xtra Package – A Step Closer to Bringing Products to Customers

Understanding the Voucher Xtra Package

The Voucher Xtra package from Shopee provides sellers with customizable discount codes to enhance product appeal and stimulate purchases. These discount codes can be applied to specific products or the entire store, offering flexibility in pricing strategy.

Key Features
  • Create customizable discount codes as needed.
  • Applicable to specific products or the entire store.
  • Attracts and entices customers to shop more.
Benefits of Using the Voucher Xtra Package
  1. Increased Appeal: Discount codes can make your product more appealing to customers, thereby increasing sales potential.
  2. Flexible Marketing Strategy: Allows sellers to adjust pricing strategies flexibly to meet market demands.
  3. Stimulates Shopping: Regular promotions help stimulate customers to return to your store more often.

Freeship Xtra Package – Removing Shipping Barriers

Exploring the Freeship Xtra Package

The Freeship Xtra package focuses on supporting shipping costs for customers. By using this package, buyers can enjoy free shipping under certain conditions, usually a minimum order value. This helps reduce the financial burden on buyers and encourages them to complete transactions.

Main Features
  • Supports shipping costs for buyers.
  • Requires meeting a condition on order value.
  • Encourages transactions by reducing shipping fees.
Advantages of Choosing the Freeship Xtra Package
  1. Reduced Costs for Customers: Helps customers save on shipping costs, creating satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.
  2. Increased Conversion Rate: When shipping barriers are removed, customers tend to complete purchases more quickly.
  3. More Competitive: In a competitive market, offering free shipping can be a deciding factor for customers to choose your store for shopping.

Should Sellers Use the Voucher Xtra and Freeship Xtra Packages?

The decision to use either package should be based on your business goals and target customer base.

  • If you want to enhance brand value and create differentiation, the Voucher Xtra package could be a useful tool.
  • Conversely, if you aim to optimize order closure and increase conversion rates, the Freeship Xtra package could offer greater benefits.

Whichever choice you make, both service packages must be used smartly and in combination with an overall marketing strategy to achieve the best business results.


Whether it's the Voucher Xtra or Freeship Xtra, both are useful tools to increase sales and improve customer experience. However, effective use of these packages requires understanding and careful management from the seller's side.

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