Can you pass this quiz: What's your e-commerce IQ?

16 November, 2023 by
Can you pass this quiz: What's your e-commerce IQ?
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Hey there! Are you looking to start selling online or grow your e-commerce business? Then it's important to understand the ins and outs of e-commerce.

This fun quiz will test your e-commerce knowledge. Let's see how much you really know! 

How e-commerce savvy are you?

Selling online is different from traditional brick-and-mortar retail. You need to know things like:

  • How to set up an online store 
  • Getting traffic and sales 
  • Managing orders and inventory 
  • Providing good customer service 

Take this 10-question quiz to find out your e-commerce IQ. Don't worry if you don't know all the answers - this is meant to be fun and help you learn!

Let's gooo! 

Q1: What does ROI stand for in e-commerce?

  • A. Return on Inventory
  • B. Return on Investment 
  • C. Return on Income
  • D. Return on Installation

Return on Investment (ROI) measures how much money you make compared to how much you spend. A good ROI means your marketing efforts are paying off!
Tracking ROI helps decide where to invest more money to grow your online business.

Q2: What shipping carrier is popular for e-commerce in Southeast Asia?

  • A. UPS
  • B. FedEx
  • C. Shopee Express 
  • D. DHL

Shopee Express is a fast and affordable shipping option offered by Shopee, the top e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. Sellers can integrate Shopee Express API to ship orders automatically.
Other carriers like J&T Express and Ninja Van are also popular regional choices.

Q3: Which platform helps manage e-commerce inventory?

  • A. Google Analytics
  • B. Amazon FBA
  • C. WooCommerce
  • D. Shopify 

Shopify and other e-commerce platforms let you track product variants, quantities, and locations. This helps avoid overselling or running out of stock.
You can also connect Shopify to 3PL (third-party logistics) to outsource fulfillment.

Q4: What is a common tactic to get more e-commerce sales?

  • A. SEO
  • B. Social media ads
  • C. Discounts 
  • D. Affiliate marketing

Offering discounts and vouchers is an easy way to attract customers and increase conversions. But don't rely on discounts alone - focus on improving product quality and brand reputation too.

Q5: Which metric indicates an e-commerce site's user experience?

  • A. Bounce rate 
  • B. Click-through rate
  • C. Stock level
  • D. Shopping cart size

Bounce rate measures how many visitors leave your site instead of browsing products or checking out. A high bounce rate suggests poor site design or content.
Improving navigation, page speed, etc can lower bounce rate and improve conversion rates.

Q6: What tactic helps generate e-commerce sales from existing customers?

  • A. PPC ads
  • B. Retargeting 
  • C. Social media influencers
  • D. SEO

Retargeting shows your ads to people who already visited your online store. This reminds them to come back and complete their purchase.
Email marketing and push notifications also help recover abandoned carts and generate repeat sales.

Q7: Which payment gateway does Shopee use?

  • A. PayPal
  • B. Stripe
  • C. Alipay
  • D. ShopeePay 

ShopeePay is Shopee’s own payment system, popular in Southeast Asia. It offers buyers and sellers benefits like cashback and free shipping vouchers.
Other common e-commerce payment gateways are PayPal, Stripe and local options like GCash (Philippines) or GoPay (Indonesia).

Q8: What helps manage an e-commerce business's finances?

  • A. Accounting software 
  • B. Payment gateway
  • C. CRM platform
  • D. Email marketing tool

Accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks tracks income, expenses, profits/losses, taxes, etc. This gives you the full financial picture of your online business.
You can also integrate accounting with e-commerce platforms to automate reporting.

Q9: Which metric helps assess e-commerce content?

  • A. Open rate
  • B. Click-through-rate
  • C. Return on ad spend
  • D. Scroll depth 

Scroll depth measures how far down a page visitors scroll before leaving. More scroll depth indicates engaging content that holds visitor attention.
This helps identify high-performing content to produce more of, and low-performing content to improve or remove.

Q10: What's important for providing good e-commerce customer service?

  • A. 24/7 live chat 
  • B. Automated bots
  • C. Phone support
  • D. Email support

24/7 live chat allows customers to get quick answers and feel supported, especially for foreign buyers. Chat is more convenient than email or phone.
Bots can handle common questions to complement human agents. Fast and helpful customer service increases satisfaction and loyalty.

Well done! You made it to the end of the quiz. 
Let's see how your e-commerce knowledge stacks up...

Here's your score:

0-2 correct: E-commerce Novice 
You're new to e-commerce but no worries! Read up on e-commerce basics and try taking the quiz again. There's always more to learn in this fast-paced industry.

3-5 correct: Getting There 
You know some key e-commerce concepts but have room to improve. Brush up on the questions you missed - the explanations should help fill those knowledge gaps!

6-8 correct: E-commerce Expert! 
Wow, impressive! You really know your stuff when it comes to e-commerce. This strong foundation will help you operate a successful online business.

9-10 correct: E-commerce Genius! 
A perfect score, congratulations! You have exceptional e-commerce knowledge. Consider sharing your expertise to help fellow merchants or work in the industry.


No matter your score, I hope you had fun and picked up some useful e-commerce tips. If you're interested in growing your online business, here are a few ways Lameco can help:

  • Manage your Shopee, Lazada or TikTok Shop store operations
  • Run high-ROI paid advertising campaigns
  • Handle shipping, logistics and fulfillment
  • Provide 24/7 customer service and moderation
  • Offer data analytics and business intelligence

Our end-to-end solutions will empower your e-commerce success! Get in touch today to start selling smarter.

Thanks for taking the quiz. Share it with your fellow sellers too! ✨

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