5 Super simple ways to make your Lazada store amazing!

10 November, 2023 by
5 Super simple ways to make your Lazada store amazing!
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Hey friends! Are you looking to make your Lazada store more successful? Well, you've come to the right place!

We are Lameco and We want to share my top 5 super simple tricks that can help take your Lazada store to the next level. I'll explain everything in a friendly and easy-to-understand way, just like I'm talking to a good buddy.

These tips are great for any Lazada seller, whether you just opened your store or have been selling for a while. A few small changes can make a BIG difference in how well your store performs. So let's get started!

Use clear and eye-catching images

We all know the saying - a picture is worth a thousand words! Good images are SO important for showing off your awesome products in your Lazada store.
Here are my 3 secrets for taking photos that make customers say WOW:

  • Get high quality photos. Use a good camera or smartphone. Make sure the pics are clear, bright, and show the details of your product. Blurry or dark photos turn shoppers away.

  • Show different angles. Take shots of the front, back, sides, and any cool features. This gives shoppers a good look at what you're selling.

  • Use natural lighting. Sunlight and lamps are better than flash. No shadows! Show the true colors.

Great pics get more clicks and sales for your Lazada shop. It's worth the effort! Need help? Ask a friend or hire a pro.

Write clear and helpful product descriptions

Now let's talk about product descriptions - these let customers know what your item is and why they'll love it.
Follow my formula for writing awesome descriptions:

  • Describe features: Is it big or small? What's it made of? List the specs, details, materials, etc.

  • Explain benefits: Tell how your product will help or improve the customer's life. Focus on useful perks.

  • Use keywords: Research popular search terms buyers use and add these words in naturally. This helps them find your products.

  • Be friendly: Write like you're talking to a friend. Avoid stiff, robotic text. Add some personality!

  • Check for errors: Double check spelling and grammar before posting. Ask someone to proofread it too.

Well-written descriptions build trust and nudge customers to buy from your stellar Lazada shop!

Offer fast and reliable shipping

We all know the impatience of waiting weeks for an online order to arrive. So fast shipping is a MUST for any successful Lazada business.
Here are 4 tips to get purchases delivered quickly:

  • Choose express shipping. Pick faster options like same-day, next day or 3-5 day delivery. Lazada shoppers love speedy gratification.

  • Process orders ASAP. The quicker you handle orders after they come in, the faster customers get their eagerly awaited goodies.

  • Pack well. Use boxes, bubble wrap, and filler to keep items safe. Tape carefully. This avoids delays due to damage.

  • Communicate proactively. Let shoppers know when you ship and share tracking numbers so they can follow along. This reduces anxious inquiries.

Quick shipping makes buyers thrilled with their purchase. Pass the happiness along to Lazada customers!

Ask for reviews and feedback

Here’s a sneaky trick top Lazada sellers use - ask happy customers to leave positive reviews!
Reviews boost credibility and sales. But shoppers rarely leave them without being asked.
Follow these 4 review-getting tips:

  • Include a note. Slip a friendly request for an honest review into each order’s packaging.

  • Follow up by email. Send a quick e-mail thanking the customer and politely asking them to review if satisfied.

  • Offer an incentive. A small gift card or discount code rewards customers for taking the time to review.

  • Respond politely. If a review is negative, apologize and offer to make it right. Handled well, this makes you look great!

With more reviews, your Lazada store looks more trusted. So don’t be shy about asking!

Run sales, contests and promotions

Time for the most fun trick of all - promotions to attract excited customers!
Here are 5 promo ideas to try:

  • Lazada sales events: Join their big annual sales like 9.9, 11.11, and 12.12 with special deals. Huge traffic!

  • Limited-time discounts: Offer 10-25% off or limited quantity BOGO specials for short periods to create urgency.

  • Bundled deals: Combine products together at a package discount for more value.

  • Contests and giveaways: Offer fun prizes like gift cards or free merchandise that followers can enter to win.

  • Referral rewards: Give customers an incentive like a discount for sharing your store with friends. This spreads the word.

Run promotions frequently, but not so often that they lose their appeal. Keep shoppers coming back for your can't-miss deals!

Wow, We covered a lot!

There you have it - my 5 favorite tips to take your Lazada store to rockstar status!
To recap, we went over:

  • Using clear and eye-catching images

  • Writing helpful product descriptions

  • Offering fast and reliable shipping

  • Asking for reviews and feedback

  • Running exciting sales, contests and promotions

These simple tricks can help you get more customers, better reviews, and higher sales on Lazada. And happier, more successful customers means a better business for you!

I hope these ideas were helpful as you grow your awesome Lazada store. If you try any of these tips, let me know how they work for you! I'm always happy to answer any other questions you have.

Thanks for reading, friends! Now get out there and make your Lazada store the best it can be. You got this!

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