5 reasons why short videos are good for e-commerce marketing

1 December, 2023 by
5 reasons why short videos are good for e-commerce marketing
Lameco JSC

Short videos have become an increasingly popular marketing tool, especially on e-commerce Marketplaces and Social Media Platforms. With the rise of platforms like Tiktok Shop, Instagram Reels and Facebook Shop, short-form video content has become a preferred format for many sellers and consumers. Here are five reasons why Lameco believes short videos are good for e-commerce marketing.

Attention-Grabbing: Short videos are a great way to grab your target audience's attention quickly. E-commerce marketplaces and social media platforms are saturated with product listings and ads, and short videos provide a way to cut through the noise and make an impact. By creating engaging and visually appealing videos, you can quickly capture sellers and customers' attention.

Shareable: Short videos are highly shareable, making them an ideal format for social media and marketplace storefronts. People love to share content that they find interesting or entertaining, and short videos are perfect for this. By creating videos that are shareable, you can increase your reach and potentially gain more sales.

Easy to Consume: Short videos are easy to consume, even on mobile devices. Customers and sellers have short attention spans, and short videos provide a way to demonstrate your product or service quickly and efficiently. This makes them ideal for platforms like Instagram Shop and Tiktok Shop.

Cost-Effective: Short videos are a cost-effective marketing tool. As an e-commerce agency, Lameco understands small business budgets. Short videos can be created quickly and with minimal resources, making them an ideal option. This allows sellers to create high-quality content without breaking the bank.

Better Engagement: According to our data and experience working with sellers, short videos often have higher engagement rates than longer videos. Videos under 15 seconds have the highest engagement rates on platforms like Instagram Shop. This makes short videos an effective way to connect with your audience and potential customers.

In conclusion, short videos are a powerful e-commerce marketing tool that can help sellers increase engagement, gain more sales, and reach a wider audience. Lameco recommends using short videos as part of your e-commerce marketing strategy on marketplaces and social media.

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