5 Crucial Lessons for Doing Business on Shopee - How to Survive and Thrive?

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5 Crucial Lessons for Doing Business on Shopee - How to Survive and Thrive?
Lameco JSC

Shopee - a potential "promised land" for those who dare to think, dare to act, and dare to venture into the online business world. But in this very place, countless "warriors" have fallen due to unforeseen traps.

So, what is the secret to surviving and thriving in this fierce "battle"? Join Lameco to explore the following 5 crucial lessons, so you can confidently conquer Shopee and achieve success!

1. Customers are "Kings" - Understand and Pamper Them!

A deadly mistake many sellers on Shopee make is ignoring the importance of market research and understanding the target customers. They chase after "hot trend" products but forget that selling something you like doesn't always mean it will sell.

Put yourself in the customers' shoes! Who are they? Age? Gender? Preferences? What do they need? What do they want when shopping on Shopee?

Example: You sell clothing but don't clearly define the style or target customer group. Can you compete with hundreds of other shops selling similar items?

  • Conduct thorough market research: Understand the trends and needs of customers.
  • Clearly define target customer profiles: Age, gender, preferences, income, etc.
  • Choose appropriate products: Meet the needs and desires of your targeted customers.

2. Product Images - The "Face" of Your Shop!

In the online world, images are the first factor that attracts customers' attention. Poor-quality, unprofessional product images will make your shop "fade" among thousands of competitors.

Remember: Customers don't have the opportunity to "see and touch" the products as they do when buying in person. Therefore, product images are the "bridge" that helps you connect with customers and convince them to "open their wallets."

  • Invest in professional product photography: Clear, realistic images from all angles.
  • Design attractive banners and product videos: Create highlights and strong impressions with customers.
  • Use image editing tools: Optimize images to make products look more appealing.

3. "Content is King" - Let Content Lead the Way!

Product content is the "soul" of the shop. It not only provides detailed information about the product but also acts as the "bridge" that connects you with customers, helping you convey messagesbuild trust, and encourage purchasing actions.

  • Copying content from other shops: Violates Shopee's policies and affects your shop's reputation.
  • Sparse, unappealing content: Fails to make an impression and doesn't attract customers.
  • Overusing advertising language: Can be off-putting and make customers "tired."
  • Write detailed, quality content: Provide full information, make it engaging, easy to read, and easy to understand.
  • Use appropriate keywords: Help customers easily find your products.
  • Incorporate lively images and videos: Increase the appeal of the content.

4. Shopee Ads - The "Fishing Rod" to Bring Products Closer to Customers!

It's tough for your shop to "stand out" among thousands of others if you rely solely on organic traffic. Shopee ads are the "secret weapon" to help you reach potential customers effectively, thereby increasing trafficorders, and revenue for your shop.

  • Ineffective ad campaigns: "Money down the drain," not only failing to generate orders but also wasting money.
  • Choose appropriate ad formats: Search ads, discovery ads, etc.
  • Study ad running techniques: Target the right audience, choose effective keywords, set a reasonable budget.
  • Continuously monitor, evaluate, and optimize ads.

5. Professional Shop Management - Elevate Reputation, Achieve Sustainable Success!

Selling on Shopee isn't just about listing products and waiting for customers. To succeed, you need to manage your shop professionally, from order processing and shipping to post-purchase customer care.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Process orders quickly and accurately.
  • Carefully and securely package products.
  • Ensure quick and timely delivery.
  • Maintain a professional and enthusiastic service attitude.
  • Handle complaints (if any) skillfully and reasonably.

Lameco - Comprehensive Solutions for Shopee Sellers!

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With Lameco, you can:
  • Efficiently manage products, orders, and customers.
  • Run effective Shopee ads, saving costs.
  • Conduct market research and analyze competitors.
  • Enhance shop reputation and increase sales revenue.

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