10 Key e-commerce trends you need to know for 2024

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10 Key e-commerce trends you need to know for 2024
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Hey there e-commerce enthusiasts! Do you want to get a head start on the top e-commerce trends that will take the market by storm in 2024? By understanding these key trends and preparing your business for them now, you'll be way ahead of the competition when 2024 rolls around.

In this post, I'll explain 10 major trends in simple terms, so you can understand how they'll impact your e-commerce business. I'll also give real-world examples and tips you can implement right away. Let's dive in!

Mobile commerce will dominate

Mobile commerce, also called "m-commerce," means buying and selling products using smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers.

In 2024, most people will use mobile devices for online shopping. In fact, over 80% of e-commerce sales will happen on mobile phones and tablets, not computers.

This is a big shift from just a few years ago. So make sure your e-commerce site is optimized for mobile screens. Test it on different devices. Make buttons big and pages easy to scroll. Mobile will be the new normal.

Social commerce will be huge

Have you heard of "social commerce"? It means people will buy products directly on social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Right now, social commerce is growing very fast. By 2024, over 55% of online shoppers will make purchases directly through social media posts, shoppable videos, and "buy" buttons.

To tap into this trend, add shoppable features to your brand's social media. Post product photos and add buy links. Run giveaways and promotions to drive sales. Social platforms will become digital storefronts.

Voice commerce will take off

In 2024, we'll do more shopping using voice commands through smart devices like Amazon Alexa. This is called "voice commerce."

Instead of clicking "buy," shoppers will simply say, "Alexa, order more paper towels." And Alexa will place the order for you!

Voice commerce will grow 1000% by 2024. So make sure your e-commerce site is optimized for voice search. Use natural language that people would use in commands.

You can also create "skills" for Amazon Alexa to help people shop your products by voice. With voice commerce, shopping will happen through conversations, not clicks!

Stores will blend online and offline

Right now, online and offline shopping are separate. But in the future, that line will blur.

Physical stores will become more integrated with e-commerce sites. For example, you might order online then pick up in-store or vice versa.

Retailers will also add digital components to brick-and-mortar shops. Imagine smart dressing rooms with touchscreens or VR product previews.

By 2024, over 65% of retailers will adopt technologies that bridge the online and offline worlds. Make sure your e-commerce presence integrates seamlessly with any physical stores.

Personalization will get more advanced

Here's an example of personalization: when an e-commerce site recommends products based on your purchase history and interests. This makes the shopping experience feel tailored just for you.

In 2024, personalization will reach a whole new level with AI and advanced data collection. The top brands will use tech like machine learning and facial recognition to customize offerings down to the individual.

For example, your smart fridge might automatically order your favorite yogurt. Or a store camera may identify you and pull up your loyalty program discounts.

Over 85% of brands will use advanced personalization to drive sales. So consider using AI-powered tools to tailor your e-commerce site per user. The more relevant your site feels, the better chance of conversion.

Interactive content will be a must

Online shopping content will get much more interactive in 2024. Think detailed 3D product visualizations, AR try-ons, and virtual showrooms.

Instead of static images, shoppers will spin products around, zoom in close, and view them in different environments. This makes online shopping more immersive.

Over 90% of shoppers say interactive content gives them more confidence to purchase online. So add 3D models, AR tools, and other digital experiences to your e-commerce site. Help customers engage with products before they buy.

Subscriptions will boom

Subscription services have gotten popular in recent years. Think monthly boxes of clothes, meals, beauty products, and more.

This trend will accelerate by 2024. Global spending on subscription services will double in the next two years.

Many businesses will switch to subscription models that provide recurring revenue. Consider launching a monthly subscription box or membership program for your brand.

Give subscribers early access to sales, free shipping, or other VIP perks. Subscriptions help lock in loyal customers month after month.

Sustainability will be crucial

Here's some sobering data - e-commerce shipping produces over 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases per year. That's more than air travel!

But consumers are becoming more eco-conscious. By 2024, 90% will consider sustainability when shopping online.

So brands must prioritize "green" efforts - things like eco-friendly packaging, ethical production, carbon offsets, and sustainability certifications.

Make sure your brand has a clear environmental strategy. Share it on your e-commerce site and product pages. Sustainability matters more every day.

Mobile payments will dominate

Checking out is one of the most frustrating parts of online shopping. But mobile payments help make it seamless.

Payments through services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and PayPal allow one-click online checkout.

Mobile payments are growing exponentially. By 2024, over 75% of online purchases will happen through mobile payment services, avoiding tedious credit card forms.

Make sure to integrate mobile pay options into your e-commerce site. When customers can buy in one click, you'll get higher conversion rates.

Delivery speed will be mandatory

People have less patience than ever when ordering online. They expect crazy fast delivery times.

Options like same-day delivery raised expectations. By 2024, all retailers will need delivery speeds under 24 hours to stay competitive.

So focus on getting people their orders ASAP! Use local couriers or in-store pickup. Offer next-day or same-day delivery options.

Quick shipping will be a must-have. Make it fast and convenient, and customers will keep coming back.

Get ahead of the 2024 e-commerce curve

There you have it - the 10 biggest trends poised to change e-commerce in the next two years!

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Optimize for mobile. Make your site responsive and easy to use on smartphones.
  • Explore social commerce. Add shoppable features to your brand's social media accounts.
  • Offer voice purchasing. Look into services like Alexa Skills to allow voice-initiated buying.
  • Blend online/offline. Develop ways to integrate in-store and online shopping.
  • Personalize experiences. Use AI and customization tools to tailor interactions.
  • Add interactive content. Invest in 3D models, VR previews, AR features.
  • Consider subscriptions. Give members exclusive access and perks.
  • Focus on sustainability. Share your brand's environmental efforts.
  • Enable mobile payments. Integrate Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. for easy checkout.
  • Improve shipping speeds. Develop options for 24 hour or faster delivery.


The e-commerce landscape will look totally different in 2024. But you can start preparing your business for these changes right now. By getting ahead of the curve on these 10 trends, you'll give your brand a big competitive advantage when 2024 arrives!

This blog post was written by Lameco, your go-to e-commerce agency. We offer end-to-end solutions to help brands sell online and stay ahead of emerging e-commerce trends. Ready to future-proof your e-commerce strategy? Contact us today to get started.

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