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E-commerce Intership Program 2024

10 open positions

I. General Information

• Job type: Full-time or part-time job.

• Duration: 03 months or according to the school internship plan.

• Number of trainees: 05 headcount.

• Experience: No experience required, will be trained from the beginning.

• Salary: Negotiate based on position and experience.

• Location: 282 Chu Van An, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, HCMC (priority for interns who live near the company's office).

II. Internship positions

1. Sales Representative

1.1. Requirement

• Senior student or fresher who majoring in Marketing, Business Administration, or other related majors.

• Must have a personal laptop. 

• Have a high learning spirit and positive attitude.

• Have basic knowledge of sales and customer management. 

• Understand business operations and fields. 

• Have office computer skills (Excel). 

• Good communication skills.

1.2. Main tasks

• Receive and filter the list of potential customers in marketing campaigns to become sales leads.

• Introduce the company and products/ services to leads via phone or e-mail.

• Identify and understand customer needs to recommend appropriate services.

• Persuade customers to use products/ services and build their trust in the enterprise.

• Collaborate with the development team to establish products/ services that best meet customer needs.

• We are actively seeking new business opportunities in the market.

• Report to superiors about project progress and results; customer needs, issues, and concerns; competitor's activities and potential for developing products/ services.

2. E-commerce Executive

2.1. Requirement

• Senior or fresher who majoring in E-commerce, Marketing, Public relations, Business administration, or other related fields.

• Must have a personal laptop. 

• Having a high level of learning spirit and positive attitude, possessing strategic thinking.

• Passionate and knowledgeable about e-commerce platforms, with a good understanding of online and internet trends.

• Possesses office computer skills (Excel).

• Good communication skills are an advantage.

2.2. Main tasks

• Manage the operation of customer booths on the e-commerce platforms.

• Plan the direction of booth development.

• Directly collaborate with platforms on behalf of the brand.

• Implement internal marketing (Shopee, Lazada, etc.) and external marketing.

• Coordinate with relevant departments to ensure workflow.

• Perform other responsibilities assigned by the team leader.

3. Marketing Executive (Running Ads)

3.1. Requirement

• Senior or fresher who majoring in Marketing, Digital marketing, Business administration, or other related fields.

• Must have a personal laptop.

• Having a high level of learning spirit and a positive attitude.

• Passionate and knowledgeable about performance marketing.

• Understanding SEO, SMO, Shopee ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and TikTok ads is an advantage.

• Good communication skills, able to collaborate with internal and external teams.

3.2. Main tasks

• Develop and implement digital advertising campaigns on Shopee, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok (if required).

• Conduct thorough keyword research, advertising campaign objectives, and customer classification to achieve optimal performance and coverage of the campaign.

• Pay close attention to your budget, advertising bid, and event performance metrics to achieve maximum return on investment.

• Collaborate with other departments to adjust advertising strategies based on business objectives.

• Analyze data and provide insights to optimize activities and identify opportunities for improvement.

• Update industry trends and emerging advertising platforms.

4. Content Creator

4.1. Requirement

• Senior or fresher who majoring in Marketing, Event organization, Communication, Public relations, or other related fields.

• Must have a personal laptop.

• Good writing skills, incisive expression, fluency, easy understanding, and correct spelling.

• Have basic knowledge of SEO and SMO.

• Have the mindset to measure and optimize work efficiency.

• Proactive, responsible, and enthusiastic at work.

4.2. Main tasks

• Planning, conceptualization, script production, and video design to develop social media channels and E-commerce (Shopee, TikTok, Lazada, etc.)

• Propose ideas, suggest content routes, and create social posts, public relations, and SEO content.

• Create relevant content at the event site (if required).

• Suggest, communicate, and coordinate with channel management team leaders in all initiatives to identify needs and opportunities, and ensure rationality and consistency between channels and departments.

5. Graphic Designer

5.1. Requirement

• Senior or fresher in Graphic design, Architecture, Art, etc.

• Must have a personal laptop.

• Proficient in using basic graphics and photo editing applications such as Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

• Creative with diverse design concepts.

• Have exquisite aesthetics.

• Positive thinking, agile, and full of vitality.

• Able to work independently and have good teamwork skills.

5.2. Main tasks

• Design photos for social media posts, products, and other projects (Facebook, Shopee, Tiktok, etc.)

• Document design that supports both online and offline activities.

• Complete other tasks assigned by the leaders.

III. Internship Support

• Internship confirmation letter from Lameco JSC.

• Support practical work training & internship data.

• Create opportunities for comprehensive training and hands-on experience for interns.

• Directly guided and trained by experts/ masters in the field of e-commerce.

• Gaining soft skills training: communication, planning, professional knowledge, etc.

• The right to participate in all company activities (outings, workshops, etc.)

• Have the opportunity to become an official employee.

• Work in a dynamic, professional, and highly self-aware environment.

282 Chu Văn An, Phường 26, Quận Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh, TP Hồ Chí Minh Vietnam
11/23/2023 09:34:26

E-commerce Executive

5 open positions
282 Chu Văn An, Phường 26, Quận Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh, TP Hồ Chí Minh Vietnam
10/11/2023 01:24:56